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Ultimate Pirate Theme Party - Over 170 unique
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OVER 170 creative and unique pirate theme party ideas for an incredible pirate theme party that your guests will remember for years! It can be overwhelming and time consuming to scrounge the Internet, scrapping for the few original party ideas that you can actually use...with this downloadable e-book you can save time and money (by learning thrifty ways of decorating) without sacrificing the fun and excitement you're looking for!

"We had a pirate party as a fundraiser for our school. I incorporated several of the ideas listed in your party planner. Our fundraiser was a giant success and the decorations made it to the Society Page of the paper and Salt Lake Magazine. Thanks for the excellent advice!" Tricia H.

Looking for decorating ideas? Try our quick hallway dungeon idea (Page 7). Want something clever to do with your invitations? Try our water soaking technique - great for paper lost at sea (Page 17). Compiled by a professional treasure hunt event designer with over 20 years experience in designing pirate themed parties and events, you're sure to find ideas that no one has ever heard of before!

Pirate Party Topics

  • Pirate Party Decorations & Atmosphere
  • Pirate Treasure & Treasure Chests
  • Pirate Invitations
  • Pirate Recipes & Food
  • Pirate Treasure Hunts
  • Kid's Pirate Parties
  • Adult Pirate Party Games & Activities
  • Pirate Themed Fundraising
  • PLUS MORE!!!

Below is a party idea listed on another website (they are often vague and usually incomplete):

"Make fun pirate theme signs"

OUR idea listed in the Ultimate Pirate Theme Party (Example: #7 in the Pirate Party Decorations & Atmosphere section)

"7 Anyone you know have some old, rotted wood lying around the yard? Take the splintered scraps and lay them around the yard in a 'shipwreck' fashion. Additionally, these wood scraps make EXCELLENT signs. Get some black paint and write, rather slapdash, the words for needed signs for your party or event. As an added touch, buy some red, black-light paint at your local stage and lighting company and have it illuminated with a good black light. Of course, this would only work in a darker setting, but the effect is incredible! You can also have fun with the spelling...remember, pirates weren't typically of the educated type!"

Over 170 MORE just like this! We make sure you have the information you need to execute the idea to its fullest!

"The Ultimate Pirate Themed Event is EXCELLENT" James R.

PLUS!!! - Six printable Pirate Theme Party Invitations!!!
(They are each provided in two different formats: One for printing card stock invitations. The other is for printing on a full sheet of white paper and folding into quarters.)

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This comprehensive e-book is all meat & no fluff or fillers.

OVER 30 PAGES of non-stop ideas, ideas and even more unique and creative pirate party ideas!

THIS IS NOT A REHASH OF SCATTERED IDEAS FOUND ON THE INTERNET!!! Although some ideas might be familiar (which is inevitable), a conscious effort has been made to provide unique ideas - ones you would probably not find ANYWHERE else - ALL TO IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS!


Antiqued First Page of Treasure Island

Pirate Ship on Antiqued Paper - Great for a treasure hunt or party invitations!

Pirate Skull on Antiqued Paper - Great for a treasure hunt or party invitations!

Antiqued First Page of Peter Pan



What do other past customers say about The Ultimate Pirate Party?

"Dear Mr. Dean: We actually just completed our pirate party this past weekend; it was a children's party for our twin boys; we had close to 40 kids and it was a blast. I found your product incredibly thorough and extremely helpful for our needs. We especially got a lot of ideas from your decorating suggestions. Thank you for a well-thought out product and for offering it out there for people who have the general ideas, but could use a little guidance to bring it all together. Your downloads really are a "treasure." Margo L.

"I downloaded it (the Ultimate Pirate Themed Event) and it looks like it will be a lot of fun! My experience with Quest was terrific. The treasure hunt that I purchased was a great hit for the 13 children that participated. I highly recommend going this route to anyone interested in a treasure hunt party. I know I will go through Quest again if the need for another party arises." Cindi C.

"The ideas and tips in the Ultimate Pirate Event booklet are great. I'm certain my grandson's party will be a big hit." Michael H.

"Can I just say what a marvelous package you sent through. I have to admit we were a little short of ideas till we got this through. My Cub Scouts had so much fun making the decorations as homework one week and doing the quest with it all set up the next...Thanks again for all the hard work you have done putting this package together." - Sarah

"My experience was absolutely awesome! My pirate theme party was a great success thanks to you! When I plan my next party your site is the only place to look for ideas. Thanks again." - Pam B.

"Thanks so much for giving me such great ideas for my pirate party!" Donna

It would take hours of searching to find not nearly half the ideas listed in this e-book! How much is your time worth?




Pirate Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!