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So, who exactly are we?

Quest Experiences has been around since 1995 and has been providing resources for setting up treasure hunts and themed adventures ever since. Our earlier days involved facilitating large adventure productions for both the private and corporate sectors with clients including the Orange County Department of Mental Health (fundrasier) and Sam's Club Membership Warehouse. We brought in our own actors, costumes and props and set up live adventures for our clients to experience. We had a lot of fun!

In 2001, we tested the waters of the Internet and found it to be a great way to provide resources for people all over the world for setting up treasure hunts and other adventures. Now with over 150 downloadable products available online, we are the first (and only) stop for many as they plan their adventures for parties and corporate events.

In 2008 we had grand plans in place to soon launch our own entertainment facility wherein we could house our own adventures for the public. Timing wasn't on our side as when the housing market bubble burst that same year, so did our hopes for funding. Our dreams for the facility have been postponed...but not forgotten. We're still designing and creating...

Currently, we are excited about our newest plans. We hope to soon launch a new youth program through several local cities that will incorporate treasure hunt activities with educational opportunities all with a live video game format. We've also been putting more energy into moving beyond the download and digital information aspect of our website, offering new resources including our antiqued paper products and treasure hunt artifacts. Never a dull moment here!


Joe Dean has been professionally designing themed treasure hunts since 1986 as an entertainment freelance consultant. In 1995, he opened the production doors to Quest Experiences through which he could develop larger scale events and live treasure hunt adventures utilizing live actors, period costumes and set pieces.

Joe Dean has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Art History from the California State University in Fullerton. With extensive training in theater, studio art, state education and anthropology, he readily includes actual history into much of his productions.

Our philosophy is MAKE LIFE AN ADVENTURE!

Want to ask us a question? email us at support@questexperiences.com.

theme park scavenger hunts

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