Your hunts work great! They were fun for all the different age groups I have in my family and it gave us all an opportunity to work together and most of all have fun. It definitely gave us some memories to put in our memory books and talk about over the dinner table. I think this may even start an annual tradition for us as well. So thanks for having this service and extending it out to others to share. Karen G.

You're a doll for helping me out. I will be passing on your site to many friends and family. We love parties here! - Bridget B.

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You answered all my questions. Thanks. It's nice to know there is actually a human being who actually READS the comments at the other end of the order! - Bonnie

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Thank you for your VERY prompt service and response!!! I am extremely pleased with your company and products. I WILL be passing your and and info along to many. (As well as being a parent,I am a middle school guidance counselor…I see a big market for you with 'school' scavenger hunts and 'group' activities to build cooperation and team building.) - Kim

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The quest experiences have been fabulous, the best parties we have ever had. You do a really great job of explaining in detail what we need. The participants and actors are still raving a year later about the parties. - Mendora S.

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We had a great time, and the zoo provided a great background for our hunt. I will be in touch again for another team bonding experience with you. When news of our fun gets around I'm sure people will ask me for your contact! - Beverly S.

We set up the Night of the Ghosts in October, perfect for the Halloween month. We had a few adults who volunteered to be our ghosts and zombies. We had about 45-50 people in attendance and they all had a great time! It was so much fun that people were asking when we were going to be doing our next one! Debbie Y.

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