Looking to plan an Egyptian themed adventure for your next family fun night, Egyptian theme party or acient Egypt themed classroom unit? Our goal is to offer unique items that will inspire you to plan beyond the ho-hum for your family and classrooms!

Bring REAL ADVENTURE to your Egyptian theme party!

The Stele of Khafra

Fully translatable stone and gold Egyptian tablets with historically accurate hieroglyphs!

PLUS - Storylines, formats and freebies for creating your own Egyptian themed treasure hunts!!



Realistic looking Egyptian treasure gems!
NON-FLAT BACK for ultimate realism

Antiqued Paper - PERFECT for an ancient Egypt adventure!
Order blank sheets, themed sheets or allow us to antique YOUR documents!

Stamped envelopes from Egypt!
Great for treasure hunt clues or hand
delivered party invitations!


Ancient Egypt Themed Bingo Set
- A fully created Ancient Egypt themed Bingo cart set with draws and markers. 16 unique cards are provided.Click HERE to learn more about this item.

Extra Egyptian hieroglyph research sheets that with our Stele of Khafra or to be used to translate any Egyptian hieroglyphs at your party, home or classroom! CLICK HERE


Ancient Egypt/1930s Archeology Treasure Hunt Puzzles Package - A complete 1930s archeology themed treasure hunt - all ready to be set up by you! FIVE, ready to be set up Indiana Jones style treasure hunt clues and puzzles - This treasure hunt is NOT just a bunch of random word searches and paper mazes...The whole treasure hunt is bound together by a story, in a way that only a professional treasure hunt designer can do! - Follow the trail of five national archeological teams from all over the world as they search for the tomb of Thutmose IV! Just fill in the locations specific to your playing area or city, make the needed copies and you are ready to go! Already working on a treasure hunt of your own? No problem, these puzzles were cleverly designed to be inserted into a treasure hunt of your own! Use just one or use all five! Click HERE to learn more about this item.


Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie Adventure - Keeping up with Quinn is not always an easy task. - you're always led to adventure! This time he encounters some mysterious findings behind the ancient Aztec Temple of Coatl. He'll need your help, though. Filling in the blanks of the story will ultimately help Quinn at the end of the tale, at his most desperate hour. Every blank can be filled in utilizing the combination of the story context and watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. Our movie adventure goes far beyond trivia. See Raiders of the Lost Ark like you've never seen it before! Click HERE to learn more about this item.




Ancient Egypt Themed Treasure Hunts for Prereaders - Just because your child isn't quite old enough to read doesn't mean you can't plan a fun and creative Ancient Egypt themed treasure hunt! They've been good and they deserve something special! Plan a creative Egyptian themed treasure/scavenger hunt activity...using all images instead of words! Click HERE to learn more about this item.


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Egypt Mega Pack
Egypt Mega Pack


The Gold Crown of Anubis - Each book contains instructions and 18 pages of adventure. Each individual student will navigate through their own PERSONAL adventure, with different results for different students (over 50 different adventures with varying scores possible!) Some will be victorious, others will not. However, all will have fun and enjoy reading the book over and over attempting to reach the highest rank of Pharaoh. Click HERE to learn more about this item.


Ancient Egypt Theme Party Ideas - Planning an Egyptian theme party? Looking for Egyptian party theme ideas? This incredible e-book has over 150 unique and creative ideas (over 35 pages!) to make your ancient Egypt theme party or event FANTASTIC! From the simple to the elaborate - but all creative! Compiled by a professional treasure hunt event designer with over 15 years experience in designing adventure themed parties and events! Click HERE to learn more about this item.


Archeology Themed Bingo set -A fully created Ancient Egypt themed Bingo cart set with draws and markers. 16 unique cards are provided.Click HERE to learn more about this item.





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