I really like your product and really wanted to be able to make it work for my event! - Suzy M.

I will be using the pirate theme as a fun team building day in September with our staff. From first glance I know there are lots of ideas I can use to incorporate in this event! - Karen B.

THANK YOU so much for sending the Ultimate Pirate Theme Party. You must have some terrific parties! I especially like the party decorations ideas. You weren't kidding when you stated your ideas were better than just downloading ideas from the Internet! Thanks - Brenda

I am so excited to have yet another of your great books. I have your Pirate Adventure, a few Halloween books and your Spy Adventure - oh, yeah - I have an Indiana Jones (Egypt) one as well. They are all great and I can't wait to use the Western One for an upcoming party for my teenage daughter. Thanks for all your hard work - Denise B.

In July I hosted a pirate party, which included your pirate treasure hunt. It was a huge success…I would not have been able to come up with such clever puzzles on my own. The teams were also able to bribe my friends and I who were hosting the party in order to figure out the puzzles.

Thanks a lot! Love the ideas…my party is gonna be a big hit! Kathy R.

Thank you! We are planning our church's teen camp with a pirate theme and this will be awesome! We will do one hunt each day with the sixth one before they go home at the end of the week. Thanks again! - Stacey

We really enjoed the ideas that came with the treasure hunt. I did use a lot of the ideas and incorporated them into our party. The kids especially had a great time with our Pirate Theme. - Angela S.

The pirate party was a huge success! We're still known as the parents that threw the cool pirate party! This was by far the best money I could have spent on the party. Every child had an absolute blast, and we had a handful of special needs children as well. It was great that we could incorporate actvities for all the children! Thank you! - Dawn

I have ordered from Quest Experiences three separate times. The materials are always great. I have ordered the pirate, Easter and now the Egyptian party and scavenger hunts. The party ideas are endless and can be used anywhere…I have used the pirate treasure hunt and party ideas for a marriage retreat with my church. Everyone loved the hunt and the decorations...I will continue to come back and see what is new at this website. Briena M.

I was skeptical about what I was going to receive when I requested the Pirate Party Ideas (for my oldest daughter's graduation party) but was pleasantly surprised. I especially liked that you included everything from inexpensive ideas for those of us on a budget all the way up to the very expensive, over the top ideas. Thank you for the great ideas! Michelle R.

The Ultimate Pirate Theme Party was great! I used it for International Talk Like a Pirate Day! - Shelley

Your program was great. We used your pirate themed party ideas along a scavenger hunt to do a day long competition with the kids in our family. We were camping with the whole family, so we used your ideas to hide items all over the campground…it was a great time. The kids really loved it and your program really made it easy to plan. Shelly

I want to state that I thoroughly enjoyed the Ultimate Pirate Adventure Package that I ordered. It was full of creative ideas and concepts which definitely fueled my mind in creating a pirate adventure. Thank you. - Bryan F.

Your pirate games are great, exactly what I'm looking for…Thanks for the wonderful customer service. Leigh E.

I am proud to say many of your suggestions were used! Thanks for a successful grief camp for kids!! There were about 60 kids and 150 adults - they really liked the treasure hunt - only wish we had found you sooner to use even more ideas! Thanks again! - Cheryl

My party was a huge success. I had many ideas on my own prior to purchasing the pirate package from you. - Shannon

My husband and I just had our Pirate Halloween Party and I had to drop you a line and tell you it was a roaring success. We purchased your adventure package…I recommend your site highly. We are already looking at next year's theme! Darla L.

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These will be great! I just read the pirate event book and I am thrilled to plan my event. - Shannon

I was well on to getting things finalized for the pirate party, but I have to tell you, the few bucks I spend on this information was WORTH IT! I'm squeezing eight more ideas I just read! Pam K.

Your book was a God send for us…We hosted a pirate's movie weekend and followed your steps to getting treasure and staining paper to make invites and letters of marque. Well done. - Andy S.

The Ultimate Pirate Adventure Package was an incredible resource! It made planning this party so much easier. People thought I spent hours and hours thinking up the clues. (So, shhh, it's our little secret) Thanks again for all the great information and excellent customer service. I'm thinking my next purchase will be the Ultimate Spy Themed Party!!! - Mercedes B.

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