I can't wait to do the treasure hunt! - Deb W.

THANKS!!! This is great! - Michelle T.

We have had a great time with your pirate hunt as well as the spy hunt. We'll be doing the Wild West one in September! - Jean

I am planning my first scavenger hunt. Thank you so much for being there and being so affordable! Hopefully the kids will love it and come back to future events at our church - Lena P.

We have our eyepatches, hats and bandanas ordered and, thanks to you, a treasure hunt ready for our Talk Like a Pirate Day. Thanks again for sharing your great ideas -- my students and fellow teachers are going to have a blast! - Sandy E.

Thank you! We are planning our church's teen camp with a pirate theme and this will be awesome! We will do one hunt each day with the sixth one before they go home at the end of the week. Thanks again! - Stacey

I just read part of the hunt…I think my daughter will love this! - Melissa S.

Looks great, can't wait to do this! Thanks! Janene

We enjoyed your pirate treasure hunt very much at our campout. My son and a couple of friends with him all said it was great fun. Thanks again and keep up the good work! - Dana

It was a great value for the price and made my job easier (as a summer camp program director) since I didn't have to come up with the treasure hunt myself! - Craig H.

I have ordered from Quest Experiences three separate times. The materials are always great. I have ordered the pirate, Easter and now the Egyptian party and scavenger hunts. The party ideas are endless and can be used anywhere…I have used the pirate treasure hunt and party ideas for a marriage retreat with my church.

Everyone loved the hunt at the decorations...I will continue to come back and see what is new at this website. Briena M.

We did a pirate treasure hunt at our church as an option for Halloween. The people (yound and old) who participated and dressed up as pirates had more fun than those even coming through. Your site gave us so many great ideas which made it so much easier to put together...everyone who was involved said it was worth doing again because we had so much fun. Deanna

I ordered the pirate themed treasure hunt for a large party I hosted. We had great fun pitting the boys against the girls as we tried to unveil each clue and hunt for the next one. Thanks for a great treat that was the anchor event at my party. Ron S.

I bought the Ultimate Pirate Adventure Package for my son (six years old). I completely changed the look of the house with your ideas. It was wonderful. The kids all dressed up and had a wonderful time. I think that there are so many ideas that you can't decide which ones to use! I love the kit! Of course my son loves the decorations and his friends did also! Rosa N.

Your program was great. We used your pirate themed party ideas along a scavenger hunt to do a day long competition with the kids in our family. We were camping with the whole family, so we used your ideas to hide items all over the campground…it was a great time. The kids really loved it and your program really made it easy to plan. Shelly

I am proud to say many of your suggestions were used! Thanks for a successful grief camp for kids!! There were about 60 kids and 150 adults - they really liked the treasure hunt - only wish we had found you sooner to use even more ideas! Thanks again! - Cheryl

Your pirate puzzles made for an amazing father/daughter challenge night to celebrate Father's Day in our Girl Guides Unit (same as Girl Scouts.) …It was a lot of fun…All involved enjoyed the challenges and raced from one to the next laughing and enjoying the game. Thank you for a great experience! - Karina

Can I just say what a marvelous package you sent through. I have to admit we were a little short of ideas till we got this through. My Cub Scouts had so much fun making the decorations as homework one week and doing the quest with it all set up the next...Thanks again for all the hard work you have done putting this package together. - Sarah

The treasure hunt was a great success all around. It was used at a fairground for an SCA group's pirate themed event…Thank you for removing a large portion of the work I had to do for this event…It all went off flawlessly. - James

We had a wonderful time with your pirate treasure hunt…It was fun watching because the age range was from five-years-old on up to adults and everybody felt like they participated. Some would figure out your puzzles then give the clue to the next location to the little ones and they coudl figure that out and run get the next clue. - Sharon

The Ultimate Pirate Adventure Package was an incredible resource! It made planning this party so much easier. People thought I spent hours and hours thinking up the clues. (So, shhh, it's our little secret) Thanks again for all the great information and excellent customer service. I'm thinking my next purchase will be the Ultimate Spy Themed Party!!! - Mercedes B.

Thanks a lot. It looks really clever and really fun. You are great! - Ronald K.

I am so excited to have yet another of your great books. I have your Pirate Adventure, a few Halloween books and your Spy Adventure - oh, yeah - I have an Indiana Jones (Egypt) one as well. They are all great and I can't wait to use the Western One for an upcoming party for my teenage daughter. Thanks for all your hard work - Denise B.

We really enjoed the ideas that came with the treasure hunt. I did use a lot of the ideas and incorporated them into our party. The kids especially had a great time with our Pirate Theme. - Angela S.

I have used your treasure hunts, especially the pirate one, many times. I have a county position with Girlguiding and have adapted the hunt for use with children and adults. We have had hunts inside, outside, at night and a great time was had by all! Margaret

We have enjoyed using the hunts we have purchased from you (pirate and Egypt.) We sometimes use more than one by mising the elements to create something new.

We love adding props and costumes to make it a great experience to be had by all. Bonnee

I want to state that I thoroughly enjoed the Ultimate Pirate Adventure Package that I ordered. It was full of creative ideas and concepts which definitely fueled my mind in creating a pirate adventure. Thank you. - Bryan F.

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