Antiqued Paper

Whether for a treasure hunt you're designing, inviations your writing, school projects you're planning or scrapbook pages you're creating, you'll find our collections of antiqued paper a lot of fun to work with!

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Our four step aging process transforms regular paper into paper that looks hundreds of years old. It not only LOOKS antique…but it FEELS antique, as well - this is NOT simply burning some paper around the edges and calling it a day. After all, YOU can do that on your own easily enough, right? When our paper has completed the process, it looks amazing! For free samples of our treated paper, see below!

We have several themes to choose from as well as blank pages and even an option to send us your document to treat! That's right, you create the pages and we'll treat the paper and mail it out to you!

Our Antiqued Paper Themes

Celtic Knot Border

Celtic Heart Border

Egyptian Fan Motif Border

Map of Africa - Blank

Map of Africa - Labeled

African Motif Border

Map of Caribbean - Blank

Map of Caribbean - Islands Labeled

Greek Border

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Border

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