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Egypt Theme Party Decorations


  A fully designed Egyptian themed treasure hunt
  Egyptian Themed Bingo set
  TONS of Egyptian Theme Party Ideas
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Ancient Egypt Theme Party Ideas

Taking on the task of planning a theme party is both a lot of fun...and a lot of work. The time spent is always worth it once you see the joy and excitement on all of your guests' faces. However, we don't always have the time to pull off the theme party we want or the ideas...and sometimes both.

We've compiled over 150 unique and creative Ancient Egypt theme party ideas on over 35 pages to make sure that you'll have MORE than what you'll need to plan the party you'll be excited about. There are more ideas than any one person could possibly include in any Ancient Egypt theme party no matter what the size of the party...however, that was the idea. You'll have the ability to choose which ideas you want to use based on your own resources, time and guest list.

This pdf document can be downloaded instantly and is broken out into 9 different categories:

Egyptian Themed Decorations & Atmosphere
Egyptian Treasure
Egyptian Theme Party Invitations
Egyptian Party Food Ideas
Egypt Themed Treasure Hunts
Egypt Themed Kid's Party Ideas
Egypt Themed Adult Activities
Miscellaneous Egyptian Party Ideas

Also included in this download is the ancient Egyptian game of Senet complete with game play instructions!

Ideas for painting Egyptian temple walls, staining cheesecloth for mummy wrappings and using scrap wood for painted signs...it's all in there!

What do past customers say about our Ultimate Ancient Egypt Themed Event?

"I actually purchased the Ultimate Egypt Adventure package to carry to Swaziland, Africa and give to friends, Steve and Monica, who are serving as missionaries there. Steve is a trained historian and amateur archeologist and for his 40th birthday his wife gave him a surprise archeology themed birthday. It was a big hit and all the guests had a great time." Greg B.

"Thanks so much. I am very impressed." Louise M.

"Thank you so much for your help!!!!! I love ideas to help me with my Egyptian themed Halloween plan." - Amy

"I did my invitations tonight and their splendid - using your ideas! Thanks!" Linda R.

"I have ordered from Quest Experiences three separate times. The materials are always great. I have ordered the pirate, Easter and now the Egyptian party and scavenger hunts. The party ideas are endless and can be used anywhere…I will continue to come back and see what is new at this website." Briena M.


There are several ways to download this theme party ideas collection. This file is in the convenient Adobe Acrobat pdf format (to simplify printing) and can be downloaded alone or as part of a themed set at a discount


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