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Ancient Egypt Themed
Treasure Hunt Puzzles

Planning a treasure hunt can be a little overwhelming...especially if you are looking to create something beyond the simple rhyming clue to rhyming clue. With advancements in movies and video games, everyone's looking for more...more excitement and interaction. We've designed an Ancient Egypt themed treasure hunt puzzles package for those that want to up a treasure hunt that's beyond the plain and overdone but may not have the time energy to put together a full adventure as described elsewhere on our site.

Think of our Ancient Egypt Treasure Hunt Puzzles Package as the 'legos' of treasure hunt creating. Each puzzle can stand alone to be used in a hunt that you are creating or they can be linked together in the order of your choice to create a treasure hunt unique to your own needs and imagination. Each puzzle is to be used at a different location in your treasure hunt (different rooms of the hous if your hunt is set up within your home, different stops if planned throughout a city, etc.) You can use any number of them that you'd like, but if you use all five in the set (in any order) then you'll also be able to use our sixth BONUS puzzle that utilizes the answers to the other five! In this way, you'll have a built in great way to end your treasure hunt while also ensuring that your participants didn't take any 'short cuts' along the way.

Although each puzzle is a stand alone mini-activity, they revolve around a central back-story that can be used for the overall theme of your hunt. You see, five international archeological teams are all searching for the exact location of the tomb of Thutmose IV. The bonus puzzle reveals that final location as the grand finale to the hunt (if you so decide to use the bonus puzzle.)

This package includes five individual puzzles that are each a mini activity. The first task each participant will be faced with when arriving at a puzzle location is to find the clue sheet (this is typically detailed in the previous clue at the previous location of the hunt.) They will then need to search the surrounding area at this stop for the needed written clues that are hidden. Once all of the clues are found, they will need to solve the puzzle which will reveal where they are to go next. The puzzles are not overly challenging to solve....once all the clues are found, that is.

Not including the bonus puzzle, there are five puzzles provided:

One requiring logic - Can you figure out which US National Team archeologist visited which city?...They're counting on you...
One requiring deduction - Which major Ancient Egyptian site did the French National Archeology Team forget to check?
One requiring assembling pieces to a map - The Egyptian National Team are certain that the tomb was far away from the Nile...are they right?
One requiring the encoding of a secret message - Help the German team figure out the secret message in a hidden anti-chamber...
One where the participants ACTUALLY TRANSLITERATE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHS in order to solve the puzzle! - The Russian Team is counting on you!

Because we don't confine you to OUR locations for the treasure hunt (we don't choose you locations for your participants to visit or search for), you are able to use these treasure hunt puzzles at any type of location or playing area you have available. How are we able to do this? Our clever design has left only one aspect for your to fill in...lots of POSSIBLE locations relative to your available playing area. However, as each clue will have several to choose from they'll need to solve the puzzle in order to figure out which is the REAL next location! We've done all the heavy lifting in the design while leaving you the maximum amount of flexibility without sacrificing any of the creativity!

What do actual customers have to say about this treasure hunt puzzles collection?

"I actually purchased the Ultimate Egypt Adventure package to carry to Swaziland,Africa and give to friends, Steve and Monica, who are serving as missionaries there. Steve is a trained historian and amateur archeologist and for his 40th birthday his wife gave him a surprise archeology themed birthday. It was a big hit and all the guests had a great time." Greg B.

"I am very excited to do the treasure hunt for my daughter's 11th birthday party. She is very into Egypt. We also got your ideas for Ancient Egypt and I got some good ideas from that...The treasure hunt will be the hit, I am sure." Jennifer N.

"I just wanted to thank you guys for a great treasure hunt experience with your Egyptian treasure hunt. I had a party last night and it was a huge success...I adapted it to work in my two bedroom condo, too!" Kira B.

"I am so excited to have yet another of your great books. I have your Pirate Adventure, a few Halloween books and your Spy Adventure - oh, yeah - I have an Indiana Jones (Egypt) one as well. They are all great and I can't wait to use the Western One for an upcoming party for my teenage daughter. Thanks for all your hard work" - Denise B.

"We have enjoyed using the hunts we have purchased from you (pirate and Egypt.) We sometimes use more than one by mising the elements to create something new. We love adding props and costumes to make it a great experience to be had by all." Bonnee

There are several ways to download this treasure hunt puzzles collection. This file is in the convenient Adobe Acrobat pdf format (to simplify printing) and can be downloaded alone or as part of a themed set at a discount:

  Download the Ancient Egypt Treasure Hunt Puzzles Collection


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