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Adventure Treasures

No matter what theme or storyline you are working with, it's typically a good idea to a have a great 'treasure' for your 'treasure hunt' or adventure. Depending on the theme, it can be challenging to aqcuire just the right treasure, though. We hope that as we grow our collection, you'll continually be able to find just the right one for your adventure! Our treasure gems alone are something to see!

Our Current Selection:

Gold Stele of Khafra
Congo Monkey Skulls - Trio of Gold


Treasure Gems

With these beautifully designed plastic jewels, you will REALLY impress your party guests. We have several different color combinations to choose from. Made from solid, transparent plastic...see how they reflect the light from the flash of the camera! In one bundle you'll receive 30 gems (the exact amount/variety shown in the images below)

Gems you find at hobby stores have that undesirable, mirrored flat backing, ruining the illusion of a real gem. These gems were designed to be picked up and admired from all sides and angles! They each measure 1 in. in size (along it’s widest) and are great for table centerpieces, party goody bags, treasure hunts and so much more! PLUS - ALL US ORDERS FOR OUR TREASURE GEMS HAVE FREE SHIPPING!

See our themed treasure gem collections!

Cinderella Collection
Egyptian Collection
Alice in Wonderland Collection
African Jungle Collection
Fairies and Butterflies Collection