Alcohol vs. Treasure Hunts

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I do not intend to get into a moral debate over the consumption of alcohol, however I will firmly state that it is a dangerous addition to your treasure hunt. The first time I held a treasure hunt where the participants were drinking just before the hunt began ended in tragedy. Alcohol can make the most responsible person do irresponsible things. The volunteers I hired were put in harm's way on several occasions and I eventually had to cut the evening short. I swore I would never have a repeat of such an experience. However, one year later, I did have a repeat incident and it brought me to a deeper conviction over the absence of alcohol for all future hunts.

Consuming alcohol can impair a person's problem solving abilities. By consuming alcohol, I do not mean getting drunk. Even a small amount of alcohol consumption can impair one's ability to think through a situation. Because a team must rely on their problem solving skills to correctly (and safely) navigate their mission, it is easy to see where problems can arise.

Additionally, some people can become much more aggressive when they have been drinking. Aggression mixed with impaired problem solving skills can be disastrous to your hunt…to say NOTHING about driving (goes without saying.)

So, what do you do if you would like to have alcohol at your function? Simple. Serve the alcohol only after the hunt is over.

So, what do you do if you must serve alcohol before the hunt begins? Simple. Do not plan a treasure hunt. Have a different activity. Trust me, the odds are stacked severely against you for having a successful event.









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