Adventure Treasure Hunts 101 - The FREE Course!

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Adventure Treasure Hunt 101 - Intro
About the Adventure Designer
Treasure Hunts vs. Scavenger Hunts
Treasure Hunts
Scavenger Hunts
Rhyming Clue to Rhyming Clue Format
Variations on Clue to Clue Format
Clues in Any Order Format
Treasure Map Format
Traffic Control
Making It Real
Choosing a Theme For Your Treasure Hunt
Your Treasure Hunt Ending
The Fear Factor in a Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt Teams
Working With Volunteers
How Long Should The Treasure Hunt Last?
Treasure Hunt Location
Treasure Hunt Rules
Treasure Hunt Cheating
Alcohol vs. The Treasure Hunt
Tips For Holding Treasure Hunts In Parks
Incorporating Treasure Hunt Adventures in the Classroom
Incorporating Treasure Hunt Adventures At Your Party
Incorporating Treasure Hunt Adventures At The Workplace
Incorporating Treasure Hunt Adventures At Your Church
Creative Ways to Form Treasure Hunt Teams
Treasure Hunts as Fundraisers

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