Searching For Clues In Any Order

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Another treasure hunt format involves searching for clues at different locations…but where the adventurers get to choose the order in which to find the locations. Now, at first glance this format might get confused with a scavenger hunt where the adventurers begin with a list of items to search for in the order of their choice. However, where they differ is in the fact that the treasure hunt involves searching for locations which will yield clues to future locations where as the scavenger hunt is typically focused on the collection of items - the scavenger hunt prioritizes the list whereas the treasure hunt prioritizes the final destination. With this format, it can alleviate many of the traffic control problems you might have trying to facilitate larger groups attempting to complete the hunt as the adventurers are spread throughout the hunt at once.

As mentioned in other some of our other articles, it is highly advisable to mix and match the different formats to keep your adventurers wondering 'what will happen next.' Here are some ideas to incorporate this kind of format into your hunt:

Begin each team with a list a locations (or clues to locations) allowing them to choose which ones they'd like to visit first.

Remember, there doesn't HAVE to be something at every location on your list (a few 'dumby' locations). This is especially helpful for larger groups. Part of the fun will not only be figuring out the clues…but also getting the luck to choose the right directions to follow!

As a hybrid, only offer a few different starter locations to choose from. Each location is the BEGINNING to a clue to clue format hunt (a mini one). Once they've gotten to the end of that mini hunt, they are able to choose a different location on their main list to visit to start a new mini hunt.

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