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This format is similar to the rhyming clue to rhyming clue format, but it opens up the options as far as what those clues look like. In this format, you're not bound to the clichéd 'roses are red, violets are blue' clue. With this format you've set a specific route that the adventurers will go on, but how they'll get from location to location is limited only to your own creativity. A major drawback to this format comes into play when you have a lot of participants. With one 'route' to progress through, how does one keep the teams from just following each other? Click HERE to see some solutions on how to deal with this problem.

Below are some ideas on how to make the standard clue to clue more fun:

Mix up the clues from written to visual (i.e. the use of maps or photos of landmarks)

Have them DO something in order to get the clue in the first place…that way, even if your clue isn't 'original' the participants will still have fun completing the activity you've assigned them to do.

Have the team make a phone call to get their next clue (have a volunteer who is waiting by their cell phone to provide clue information to teams.

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