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After all of the hard work that your participants have put in to finishing your hunt, do what you can to make sure you reward them in some way at the end of the hunt. There are lots of ways to accomplish this (not all of which cost money.) However, you choose to reward your adventurers, just be sure to do so in whatever matter is appropriate and in ways you are able.

Here are some suggestions for 'beefing up' the ending to your hunt:

If you've incorporated a storyline of ANY kind to your hunt, bring about some sort of resolution to the story itself. Depending the storyline you are using, consider having the lost item they are searching for present at the last location or a volunteer dressed up like the person they are searching for (again, depending on your own storyline.) This can also be accomplished by writing out an ending to your 'story' and handing them out to the participants (or simply make them available) at the final location of the hunt.

Consider providing small, token gifts to all of the teams (consider whether to provide all the teams with one or just the ones that complete the hunt successfully.) These could be "You Made It" t-shirts or mugs, or simply a small bag of candy. For the more budget conscious, consider printed certificates.

Provide food or some sort of refreshment at the final location. Remember, your adventurers will have been running and/or racing during the entire time of the hunt. Some light refreshments will be a VERY welcoming as they arrive at the final destination to the hunt.

Consider having a dramatic ending to your story…depending on the storyline you are using. This could take the form of a final sword fight between two characters, a dramatic defeat by a villain, etc. Use your imagination, but make it exciting.

Within your design, do what you can to recall some of the aspects of the hunt as a final clue or puzzle for the final destination.

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