The Fear Factor

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Fear is an interesting emotion. It can be an unbearable feeling, but it can also be an enjoyable thrill. I've grown to call it the 'fear factor' (long before the TV show.) I learned that if I employed some scary task or strong element of fear the participants must endure on their mission/hunt, their overall experience would be not only more memorable, but more enjoyable. If you can, make the most fearful task the climax of their mission. When I say fear, I am not necessarily referring to horror (although I am not excluding it, either). Sometimes it simply means putting the participants in a situation that takes them out of their comfort zone.

Here are a few ideas for incorporating this into your hunt:

Have different portions of the hunt where the participants must either travel or act alone.

Have them explore dark basements or garages for something.

Put a clue on the inside of a room filled with fog machine smoke. Even if they can see their way through, it will be eerie. To enhance the inability to see, put bright lights in the room (it will actually reflect off the fog.)

Have an imposing character that they must get information from (perhaps even STEAL from.)

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