Making It Real

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This single aspect of a treasure hunt separates the 'men from the boys' so to speak. It's characteristics define an AMAZING hunt from a run of the mill treasure hunt. By 'making it real' I am referring to the addition of components that create the illusion that they back story you've had in mind for your hunt is true. There are lots of ways of creating the illusion of this reality…and the more you can incorporate, the more impressive your hunt will become.

Here are sample suggestions for incorporating these types of components:

Using volunteers to play characters within your story (they can either launch your hunt or be at the 'finish line' to thank the adventurers for completing their journey.) For those more clever, they can also be incorporated into the puzzles themselves. For examples of these, check out some of our full adventures by clicking HERE.

Creating bogus newspaper articles that 'back up' your story. It could be about someone who's gone missing (if you adventurers are trying to rescue someone) or it could be about a burglary where a famous painting was stolen (the item that the teams are searching for.)

If you've chosen a historical period theme, provide costumes for your volunteers and hunt facilitators and play music from the period.

Give the adventurers a higher calling to the adventure, de-emphasizing the 'treasure hunt' aspect. In fact, it's best that you don't ever refer to it as a treasure hunt. Simply ask for their help to accomplish something "The Sheriff of Nottingham needs helps to find taxes stolen from the royal treasury" etc. In this way, some 'grumps' who normally wouldn't be too excited about going on a treasure hunt might actually enjoy themselves!

Adding these types of elements to your hunt makes it GREAT fun for your adventurers… however it does require more fun and thought on behalf of the individual setting up the adventure. For handy resources, we have two different types of formats of treasure hunts to make your job easier. The first utilizes the above techniques (and a lot more) to create a REAL adventure for your adventurers (see our selection of real adventures, click HERE. For those who would feel more comfortable planning a hunt that's less over the top, but still themed, check out our theme adventure hunt puzzles collection by clicking HERE.


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