Rhyming Clues

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This treasure hunt format involves beginning with a short rhyming clue which describes a location. Once the adventurer arrives at the location, another rhyming clue is found which will in turn lead to another location. This format is perhaps the more overused format, in my personal opinion. Smaller children can have fun with this format, not having done many before. However, in my experience most adults have been on too many of these and when they are told that they are about to go on one, it's typically met with groans. I personally don't believe that this format is a bad one in itself…it's just overused. The problem one faces is that unless you are particularly clever with the locations you've chosen, it can get rather repetitive. Even the most clever 'poem' can lose its luster once the adventurer has read a few. In treasure hunts, you'll find that the adventurer becomes much more focused on the adventure itself and less on the words on the piece of paper.

If you've decided to use the format, consider the following ideas to help spruce it up:

Not making the whole hunt in this format. Perhaps a portion of the treasure hunt can use these type of clues. If the problem with this format is repetitiveness, then add variety to counteract it.

Give the adventurer something to DO at each of the locations once they get there before they are given the next rhyming clue

Make sure that someone ELSE tests your clues. Sometimes we can get overly clever. If your adventurers get stuck and don't progress…your hunt could collapse…and treasure hunt designer's nightmare.

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