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Ah….rules. Rules, rules, rules. They are so necessary and yet so quickly and easily broken with this type of activity. I have found when the teams understand the rules before they begin, though, 95% of your problems are solved. I learned early on to commit the rules to paper and to make sure that every team begins with a copy. Keep the number of rules to a minimum. When the teams are heavily involved in your story, they are not going to remember a lot. In addition to committing them to paper, I also thoroughly explain them to everyone just before the actual hunt begins. Everyone can ask whatever questions they might have. Below I have listed rules that I've initiated before in different hunts I've designed and facilitated. Some may apply, some may not. At least you will be able to get some ideas of what kinds of rules you might need for YOUR treasure hunt.

Teams must stay together. If teams do not stay together, your traffic increases. Think of the 'carpool' principle.

There is no tampering with clues. (Punishable by death)

No running. Obviously this one can be difficult to govern. However, in small spaces, running can actually cause an accident.

Only one team may speak to a volunteer at a time. It breeds a lot of bad feelings if Team A did all the work to get a certain answer to tell the volunteer for a new clue and Team B overhears it and gets a head start to their cars.

Stay within the boundaries. Here is where you would lay out the actual playing area so that you do not have any teams that venture far away from the action.

Treat the volunteers with respect or they will NOT help you along the way.

A special note for car rallies…Bring a stack of envelopes to the hunt. Give each team an envelope for everyone to put their driver's licenses in, and then have each team seal their envelope. The teams are to hold onto this envelope during the entire hunt and will be disqualified if they finish the hunt with an 'opened envelope.' You see, if, by chance, the team tries anything tricky on the road such as speeding or cutting other team members off, they are candidates for being pulled over by a police officer. At that time, they would have to break the seal on the envelope to show the officer the driver's license of the driver.

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