Scavenger Hunts

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The format of a scavenger hunt involves beginning with a list of items and the need to find as many as one can within a certain amount of time. There are many variations on this concept, but we'll begin with this definition. Whether or not a scavenger hunt is successful depends largely on the list itself. The more creative the list, the more fun (in general) your participants will have. How does one get creative with a scavenger hunt? Glad you asked…

Here are some ideas for consider when building your scavenger hunt list.

Apply different point values to different items. The more difficult the item to obtain, the more points it's worth. In this way you'll reward ingenuity while also providing opportunities every team to get at least SOME points.

Some lists involve spelling out the item (i.e. a waffle iron) but consider also the option of disguising the item as you might a clue in a scavenger hunt.

Give your participants a large enough area to work with to allow them to be creative.

For a twist…make sure each team has a camera and ask them to get their picture taken with different objects rather than collecting them (i.e. "A picture with the whole team standing in front of a military vehicle)

Make the lists LOOK nice…since the list is what they'll be looking at the entire time, take the effort to design it appropriately (ESPECIALLY if you've chosen a theme for your hunt.)

Want to make the scavenger hunt list creation process even easier? Consider our scavenger hunt lists collections! Applying the principles explained above, they contain different versions of scavenger hunt lists (with a range of difficulty levels) in a variety of themes. The simplest list in each collection contains simple items within the party theme while the most challenging list contains actual puzzles to solve. To make it even easier on your, each collection contains images to print so that the hunts can be set up INDOORS or in confined spaces for an alternative activity! Click to see what themes we have available in our scavenger hunt lists collections.




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