Theming A Treasure Hunt

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There are all kinds of themes to choose from…with new themes being creating every year. However, we must first answer the question WHY have a theme. There are actually several reasons. The first is largely to give your treasure hunt a bit of credibility. You see, who wants to go on a treasure hunt for no reason? It's much more fun when it's set within a larger picture. Within themes, the treasure hunt can be aligned with a storyline. It will be much for fun for your guests to save a trapped spy, recover the Holy Grail or search for sunken treasure if the details of the treasure hunt itself support those efforts. And final reason is that it just plain more fun!

Below are several considerations in choosing a theme and storyline:

First, use something that inspires YOU. That's right, YOU. If you find it exciting, you can make it exciting for others. Simple truism.

Keep your participants in mind. Is it something that THEY could be interested in? (Although, my experience shows that EVERY theme is interesting if presented the right way.)

Keep in mind your surroundings. Will you have access to a wooded area? Perhaps you'll want to search for Bigfoot or discover an ancient idol in India. Do you have access to the top of a tall building? Sounds like a great place to meet a British Secret Service agent.

Although one can always rent/buy props and costumes (if you choose to use them), it might be a good idea to look around and see what kind of items you have access to. Because there are SO many different themes that are possible, make it easier on yourself (and the pocketbook) by choosing one that you already have readily available resources for.

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