Treasure Hunts - Part II

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Let's now begin by discussing different formats of a treasure hunt. There are several different formats with new ones being created all the time. Select a format below to learn more about each of the different basic formats.

Treasure Map
Rhyming Clue to Rhyming Clue
Variation on Clue to Clue
Searching for Clues in any order
Making it REAL

Once you know the format of the hunt you'd like to design, there are so many more things to consider to ensure it's successful…namely dealing with the crowd control. By crowd control we are referring to how you're going to get everyone from one location to another. If you only have one adventurer or team of adventurers going on the hunt, then it's a piece of cake. However, as soon as you start having more than one team 'competing' against each other, you'll quickly need to figure out how to keep everyone from following each other. To learn more about dealing with crowd control, read more HERE.

Ok, so now you've figured out your format and your crowd control and you're ready to design. It's a lot of fun to create a treasure hunt, but PLEASE keep in mind that with very rare exception the most successful (and by successful I mean where the PARTICIPANTS had the most fun) hunts were ones that weren't necessarily the most challenging. The adventurers want to feel like they are being successful throughout the hunt. Having prolonged periods where they are stuck may be fun to watch as the observer but I assure you the adventurers aren't enjoying it. Frustration can set in quickly for most. Instead of creating next to impossible tasks…give them activities to perform. It may take time for them to complete, but if they are working on their activity they won't FEEL stuck. In light of this, try to create a hunt where your adventurers are constantly moving…always moving forward…or at least FEELING like they are moving forward.

We hope that these articles are helpful for you as you plan whichever treasure hunt format you've decided to create. If you've found any of this material helpful, consider checking out our different treasure hunt puzzles collection. They were designed to be INSERTED into your own treasure hunt. Each collection has several puzzles, each to be used at a different stop/location in your treasure hunt. Most have a bonus puzzle which cleverly uses the answers to the included puzzles (if you so choose to use all the puzzles in your hunt.) These collections are great examples of the different topics we've discussed in this articles series: alternate themes other than just pirates, inclusion of stories to propel your adventurers, providing your adventurers with activities, consideration of ALL age groups and going BEYOND the overused rhyming clue format. To see a list of all of the themes we have available for immediate download, click HERE.

A final note…GET INTO IT! The more heart you put into your hunt the more of an adventure will be born…and an ADVENTURE is what you want to send your guests on!


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