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Often times, due to the large number of people you are expecting at your treasure hunt, you'll need volunteers to help you pull it off. For the sake of maximum participation, it's ideal to enlist volunteers from NON-party attendees, realizing that this isn't always possible, though. One thing to consider when choosing your volunteers is ensuring that they are strong personalities who won't get 'bullied' by a team who gets a little over-competitive. Additionally, be sure to choose individuals who are punctual and reliable (it will be a source of stress on the day of the event otherwise…trust me…)

Consider the following tips when working with you volunteers:

Do what you can to not give them TOO much information. Consider ahead of time how much they actually need to know. The less they know that doesn't pertain to them can often be a blessing.

Have all of their instructions WRITTEN DOWN on a piece of paper that they can keep with them. This will keep them from asking the same questions over and over at a time when you'll need to keep your head 'in the game' to facilitate the actual hunt.

Make sure that each volunteer understand the importance of being ON TIME.

Make sure that your volunteers are all easily identified by the guests. Nametags are great for this. Even if your guests all know the volunteers personally, when they see the nametags (or some other sticker/corsage/etc.) they'll know that they are a volunteer and potentially someone that can assist them.

Have a meeting with all of your volunteers BEFORE your guests arrive (or early enough on before the hunt begins.) Make sure that THEIR questions get answered so that they in turn can answer questions from those about to go on the hunt.

REWARD your volunteers in some way - either by group recognition in the form of a verbal thank you wherein all of the participants can clap for them or by sending them a thank you card for their time and effort to help make your treasure hunt a success. In this way, it will be easier to get them to volunteer for your NEXT activity or event!

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