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Customer Comments about Quest Experiences

"I've never been disappointed by anything you've sent. Joe, I can tell you're creative and brilliant, and all your products have been fabulous. Thanks for your passion" Laura W.

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, I am truly inspired to start "Questing" ... This is is just what I have been looking for, it is fresh, exciting and the kids will love participating in them and being characters in them as well." James M

"I downloaded it (the Ultimate Pirate Themed Event) and it looks like it will be a lot of fun! My experience with Quest was terrific. The treasure hunt that I purchased was a great hit for the 13 children that participated. I highly recommend going this route to anyone interested in a treasure hunt party. I know I will go through Quest again if the need for another party arises." Cindi C.

"Honestly, you have the best customer response that I have ever witnessed, and I can say with confidence that I will be coming back to use your unique products again; I can already tell that this pirate party is going to be superb. " Sara

"I have read and thoroughly enjoyed your book. It is a great book and a great idea; thanks for writing it. It will be used again and again, I'm sure. and I was so happy that it was downloadable, by the way! Nothing like instant gratification." Jacqueline G.

"I am a fan of your product. I thought your book was well written. The quest for my nine year old son and his friends was a big success. ----- Thanks" - Tony

"We had a pirate party as a fundraiser for our school. I incorporated several of the ideas listed in your party planner. Our fundraiser was a giant success and the decorations made it to the Society Page of the paper and Salt Lake Magazine. Thanks for the excellent advice!" Tricia H.

"Your book is helping us with are summer camp. Take a look! Thanks" - Garth (Garth was nice enough to send pictures of his event)

"We purchased the information from your website to help us out in the planning of an "Indiana Jones" themed birthday party/treasure hunt for my 8 year old. It was helpful information...there was much more information there than what we were able to use. I would recommend the site to anyone looking to plan a real treasure hunt." - Alicia F.

Dear Mr. Dean: We actually just completed our pirate party this past weekend; it was a children's party for our twin boys; we had close to 40 kids and it was a blast. I found your product incredibly thorough and extremely helpful for our needs. We especially got a lot of ideas from your decorating suggestions. Thank you for a well-thought out product and for offering it out there for people who have the general ideas, but could use a little guidance to bring it all together. Your downloads really are a "treasure." Margo L.

"The ideas and tips in the Ultimate Pirate Event booklet are great. I'm certain my grandson's party will be a big hit." Michael H.

"Great material. I was feeling a bit dry on ideas and now I am up and running again." Clint

"You are great! It's rare to receive prompt customer service. Thank you!" Connie

"The info is great! I think I'll go for it!" Diane

"It looks great. I also enjoyed your ebook about creating treas hunts. Keep making new hunts! Thank you again. Your company has wonderful customer service. I'm looking forward to this book as well." Laura J.

"Joe, we will be doing it again. We had a great time and the zoo provided a great background. I will be in touch again for another team building experience with you...When the news of our fun gets around, I'm sure people will ask me for your contact." Beverly S.

"We use the Christmas Hunt. The 12 Days of Xmas was the biggest hit." Kerri A.

"I've read the document which was excellent. It was good to be able to see a development of experience." Michael H

"Great product. Would use again" Leslie W.

"The Christmas treasure hunt...was very fun. Also the ease and speed in which I was able to order online was appreciated. I look forward to another treasure hunt or puzzle next Christmas." Karen Z.

"I had downloaded the "Old West" booklet and was very pleased. It was full of specific, inexpensive, creative ideas that were easily implemented. Our fundraising event was a huge success. We used the jail idea mentioned in the book and it was a hit. Not only did it help raise money with the cost to throw someone IN jail, but we gave the guests the option to "bribe" our sheriff for $10 or sing a karaoke song to get out of jail before their "sentence" was over. It really helped to add to the festive mood we tried to achieve. People commented that the event was more like a party than a fundraiser. The smaller decorations such as the TNT bundle displays, the feed bags and the moonshine jugs added the detail that really took the event to the "next level". I will definitly look to Quest Experineces for ideas when planning our fundraising event for next year. Thank you!" Jennifer R

"I am pleased to know that there is a website like Quest Experiences that can be counted on!" Allen S.

"I thought the pack was great- full of wonderful ideas for my son's pirate party." Aimee

"Great customer service!" G. Testo

"Wonderful customer service!" Michelle Z

"I used your western theme last year and was very impressed. Being an activity director in a nursing home it is great to have wonderful sites like yours that makes my life easier;) Arge Matey, heres to another great party." Karen W.

I have now received and read all of it (Ultimate Easter Egg Hunts) and I'm very excited about running an easter hunt. Its exactly what I was looking for- thank you!" Emma M.

"Thank you so much - I did receive it and I am excited to use it! Thank you for your continued creativity!" Jean

"I have tried doing many different kinds of treasure hunts over the years, and I have had a lot of ideas, but I have always seemed to have trouble putting them all together. This looks like the answer to my questions. You can be sure I will tell many people about your website." R. Abel

"The pirate treasure hunt was great, The Halloween ideas were great, my teenagers loved the experience. Your book was full of great ideas. I wish I lived where you do so that I could go on some of your hunts!" Shirley S.

"I really like your products. I"m sure that I will be purchasing more. I help
organize events for my church and you have a lot of great ideas.
" U. May

"Joe, I really, really appreciate your advice!! I can see I found the
right company to work with online :)
" Susan K

"Hi Joe,
Just wanted to say thanks for the Wild Wild West Treasure Hunt. We used the treasure hunt as part of our annual team bonding day. It was a great success. We were able to use a large sporting stadium for the treasure hunt so we were able to hide our clues really well. At the end, it was great to
see two teams scrambling for the treasure! We all really enjoyed
ourselves. We'll definitely keep you in mind for next year!
" Amanda M

"Downloading your brain is worth every penny. I am glad you were there to help!" Sherry

"I thank you for your help and your product it indeed was quite worthwhile." Mary

"We had an ultimate blast! Your ideas and descriptions of the events and characters were amazing and very useful. I am trying to find a way to use your ideas for a school fundraiser. Thanks for everything!" Sherry

"The quest experiences have been fabulous, the best parties we have ever
had. You do a really great job of explaining in detail what we need.
The participants and actors are still raving a year later about the
parties. We have used 2 quests so far. We used the pirate theme for a
Halloween party. The other quest we used was the American Revolution quest. We are currently planning a Halloween party for this year using the ghost theme. I expect it will be just as fun.
" Mendora S.

"Thanks again for the help - the puzzles look great!" Dawn M.

"Your treasure hunt was well worth the money it cost. I know how much
time and effort goes into putting something like that together. It
saved me loads of time. And.....your creative genius far surpassed my
meager talents. Thank you."

"I enjoyed reading your book on how to do quest's. Although I haven't used the ideas yet, I am confident I will do it successfully because of your input and advice. I appreciate it. I also enjoy checking on your sight occasionally and doing the different challenges you put there... It keeps me mindful of doing quests in the future." - Paul S.

"Joe, I wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoy reading about your treasure hunts. We ordered the book to help us plan a quest for a large group of customers at our annual meeting this summer. I think it will be a hit. I saw a couple of other items like the paper, etc. that I might have to get after we have everything totally planned. Thanks! " Vickie M.,

"I've started reading your book and was fascinated by your passion..thank you for adding your joy to the world." Michelle