Each invitation front and back/inside comes in two different formats (they are provided separately so that you can mix and match to make the perfect invitation for your party!) The first is a standard front and back like a postcard. They come four to a page and nicely print front and back from your computer printer. The second is for those who want a single invitation to consist of a single sheet of paper which, when folded in quarters, makes a fold out card (similar to a card you'd get at your local card store.) In this second format, the 'back' becomes the inside.

Other incredible pirate theme party download resources!

An incredible pirate theme party downloadable resource! Over 170 unique pirate theme party ideas! Decorations, games, activities...EVERYTHING you'll need!
A complete pirate themed treasure hunt - professionally designed and ready to be set up by you!
Fun and creative pirate themed treasure hunts for your pre-reader. All the hunts involve the use of pirate images instead of words!
The classic game of Bingo all with a pirate theme! A great party game! Comes with game boards, draws and markers.


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