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Bring REAL ADVENTURE to your Classroom!

The Stele of Khafra

Fully translatable stone and gold painted
Egyptian tablets with historically
accurate hieroglyphs!

PLUS - Storylines, formats and freebies for creating your own themed treasure hunts!!


Raiders of the Lost Ark
Movie Adventure

Watch the movie and play the game!


The Joe Adventurer Website - NEW!!!

Plan YOUR own adventure...where will your heart take you?





World Spy Email Adventure!
Perfect for office fun!


"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. "
- George Santayana, American Philosopher.

Welcome to Quest Experiences' History Adventures. In an ever increasing effort to bring exciting new ways of making history fun for students of all ages, this site was created.

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Themed Bingo Sets - Complete themed bingo sets ready to download now! For our complete selection of themes, click HERE!





  Themed Treasure/Scavenger Hunt Adventures - Pirate Treasure Hunt Puzzles, American Revolution Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Egyptian Archeology Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Old West Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Medieval Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Circus Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Hawaiian Luau Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Spy Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Hollywood Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Space Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Wolfman Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Halloween Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Christmas Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Easter Treasure Hunt Puzzles, 50s Treasure Hunt Puzzles, Pilgrims Treasure Hunt Puzzles

Adventure Journals - World Traveler Journal



Adventure Dice Games - Gold Crown of Anubis (Egyptian Dice Reader Game)




  Treasure Hunts for Prereaders - Pirate Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Egypt Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Archeology Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Circus Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Hawaiian Luau Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Western Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Medieval Knight Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Princess Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Easter Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Christmas Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Thanksgiving Treasure Hunts for Prereaders, Halloween Treasure Hunts for Prereaders
  View our current list of articles including our most recent published in the Home Educator's Association of Virginia magazine.
  View our current list of themed word searches
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The Golden Crown of Anubis

Your students will LOVE this! An adventure storybook utilizing dice and multiplication computation to create multiple endings, scores and rankings. PLUS your students will be learning vocabulary relating to ancient Egypt. CLICK HERE to download this ebook right now!


Historical Period Treasure Hunt Puzzles

Ancient Egypt / Archeology
Pilgrim's Thanksgiving
US Gold Rush
American Revolution

Check out the Quest Experiences adventure themed pages for great ideas for your classroom!

Egypt - Land of the Pharoahs
Pirates of the Spanish Main
The Heart of Africa
A Knight's Quest
12 Days of Christmas
Valentine's Day Hunts
Ultimate Halloween


Tons of history games, history activities, history themes, history puzzles, history worksheets, history ideas, history history history!
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