Corruption in the Congo (Final Puzzle)

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Once Jed decoded his father's secret message, he felt that it was safest to keep it a secret.

"Well, we must start traveling again." and with this, Ngubu jumped back in the water, but headed in a different direction than before.

Jed thought for a moment. "We aren't anywhere near Nampula, are we...?"

Ngubu just gave the same, uncommitted frown.

As they walked in the new direction, Jed read numerous papers that were also in Millie's bag. Many were in the written language that he translated before at the museum. They were all notes from Charles to Millie. From these, Jed put all the pieces to together of what really happened three years prior.

It seemed that on the expedition's return trip to Beira, they were intercepted by a warring tribe to the lost tribe the scientists were studying. The four were captured, but two escaped - Charles Whitlow and Joseph Stanley. There were TWO Joseph's on the team. It seemed that Charles and Joseph came back to the US, but didn't tell anyone about their return, except to Millie. At this time, she seemed to have been told about some precious gem mine that only the warring natives knew of. The two greedy scientists agreed to go back, but with fire power to exploit the mine at the sake of the tribe. However, Charles, even greedier than his partner, left Joseph behind in Madagascar - perhaps dead. That was what the first note meant that Mille had given Jed to decypher. But why would Millie have brought the note to Jed? Wouldn't she have figured that he would have suspected something? There were still so many questions that needed answers.

Once at Nampula, Ngubu immediately began asking the tribespeople about the missing scientists. After speaking to one man painting a beautiful mask made out of wood, Ngubu became excited. "Come quickly. We may have found something!"

He took Jed over to a larger hut where, once inside, he saw a man sitting quietly in dark solitude. Ngubu seemed to ask him a question. Without looking up, the man simply nodded. After Ngubu spoke some more, the man stood up and pulled out a piece of paper from his garment and handed it to him. As he held out the paper for Jed to take, he looked him over and smiled before walking out of the hut into the sun.

Jed opened the paper. It was more of the writing.

Ngubu led Jed out of the hut and explained. "That was Gwaru. He led them here on Thursday and has not returned to his village in nearly three years. He said that they were attacked by the warring tribe of the Jabarus just after leaving this village. Your father traded his own life for Gwaru's and gave him a note. He had instructions not to leave the village until his son came looking for him and to give him the note. He has waited here for three years, only now able to return home, keeping his promise.

This is what the note said.

< >
< -- <: ^^ >
< >
< / // > // > . <: .. ^^ - >< .. >
< >
< /// ^. <> <> - / <: >
< >
< <> // // \\\ ^ // .< \\\ :: <: <> <: >
< >
< ^^ - ^^ >
< >

Ngubu impatiently spoke up, "Where do we go now? I know of two great guides who can take us safely to the Jabarus. One is named Obawe and the other is Jaru. Who would you like to guide us?"

What village should Jed and Ngubu go to and who should take them there? The answers and finale to the story will be published in the next issue of Quest Adventures.


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