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"Dr. Fielding, you'd better come take a look at this!" called Jim, already flustered. "I think it's another virus, if you can beleive it."

"What were you trying to access?" asked Fielding, slipping some reading glasses over his ears. "Those contribution thank you letters need to go out this morning."

"Yeah, I know! But if I can't access the main research database, there is no way I can match which archeologist donated which artifact. The mainframe..." Jim was interrupted by a blip on his monitor. YOU'VE BEEN ZAPPED! BUZZ KLINE RULES!!! was all it read. Then, the screen went black, deathly black. Jim just stared at it.

"Well," taking his glasses off, "looks like you are going to be pretty busy for the next few hours matching up all the artifact donations of this year with their respective donors from scratch. Try starting with our paper file archive in the basement. Remember, those letters HAVE to go out today!" With that, Dr. Fielding went off to lunch, leaving Jim to put the puzzle together alone.

Based on the four facts below, can you determine which of the five archeologists donated which of the five artifacts? The answers will be in the next issue of Quest Adventures.

The Five Archeologists
* Professor William Lansing of the University of Chicago
* Dr. Chris Witherspoon of Harvard University
* Dr. Jonathan White of UCLA
* Professor Lillian Moore of USC
* Dr. Rhea Hooper of Oxford University

The Five Artifacts
* The Eye of Horus
* The Dragon Heart of Beijing
* The Jewel of Quetzlcoatl
* The Golden Lion of Nairobi
* Blackbeard's lost treasure

Here are your clues:

* Professor Lillian Moore didn't find the Eye of Horus nor the Jewel of Quetzlcoatl.

* Dr. Chris Witherspoon and another male archeologist found, in some order, Blackbeard's lost treasure and the Dragon Heart of Beijing.

* Either Dr. Jonathan White or Dr. Rhea Hooper, but not both, found either the Golden Lion of Nairobi or Blackbeard's lost treasure.

* The archeologists who found the Golden Lion of Nairobi and the Jewel of Quetzlecoatl are not of the same sex.

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