A Complete Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt!

Thanksgiving Puzzle

Want to plan a clever and creative Thanksgiving treasure hunt, but don't know where to start? Let us do the work for you! With over 20 years experience in designing themed treasure hunts, we are sure to make this Thanksgiving memorable for your family and friends!

A complete Thanksgiving treasure hunt - all ready to be set up by you! FIVE, ready to be set up Thanksgiving treasure hunt clues and puzzles - This treasure hunt is NOT just a bunch of random word searches and paper mazes...The whole hunt is bound together by a story, in a way that only a professional treasure hunt designer can do! - When the Governor of Provincetown Colony turns up missing, the entire colony begins the search for him! Just fill in the locations specific to your playing area or city, make the needed copies and you are ready to go! Already working on a Thanksgiving treasure hunt of your own? No problem, these puzzles were cleverly designed to be inserted right in! Use just one or use all five!

Download includes:

  • Five different treasure hunt puzzles with a pilgrim/Thanksgiving theme - in ready to copy format once your locations are written in
    • One requiring deduction - Miles Standish checked everywhere on the ship...or did he?
    • One requiring the piecing together of a message - Is there something to a torn message written by John himself?.
    • One requiring assembling pieces to a map - Find and piece together the map created by the women of the colony...do they know something that the others don't?
    • One requiring logic - When Edward Winslow bumps his head after a fall, he has trouble remembering some of the facts he gathered...will the teams be able to figure out the details in time?.
    • One requiring translating - The Native Americans want to help as well. They've left a message on a tree...but can the teams translate it in time?
  • Instructions for setting up the scavenger hunt.
  • Starter and finishing sheets to hand out to launch your hunt.

Will they find John Carver before the Thanksgiving meal begins? Your family and friends will have a great time finding out!

BONUS PUZZLE!!!! - If you choose to use all five puzzles in your treasure hunt, you have the option to incoporate a sixth and final puzzle (also included!) which uses the answers to the other five to complete! A great way to end the hunt and to make sure that your participants successfully completed all the puzzles!

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The clever versatility built into the scavenger hunt allows it to be set up inside a home, on church grounds, over an entire baseball stadium, throughout an entire city...ANYWHERE! Their design also allows maximum flexibility in time duration. Would you like it to last 15 minutes? Would you like it to last three hours? You are able to make those decisions based on your available and desired time frame!

NOTHING MORE NEEDS TO BE PURCHASED! Everything you need to facilitate the treasure hunt is included in this download.

Great for adults. Great for kids!

What do our actual customers have to say about our pilgrim themed treasure hunt and other products?

"We just finished the hunt and it went perfectly! Can't wait to do this with my family on Thanksgiving. So grateful that I found your site! Will visit again in the future for some more fun. Happy Thanksgiving!" - Kim T.

"I purchased your Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt. I used it for my family gathering on Thanksgiving Day. They had a great time find the clues and working on putting it all together." Tim S.

"The treasure hunt is awesome and I can't wait to do it with my kids. You saved me hours of planning. Thank you so much, and I've already been telling other teachers about your site. Just so you know, I'm actually in South America (Colombia) teaching at an international school. The kids down here are really active and it will be perfect for them!" Briana S.

"I am printing the book now! I am sure my nieces and nephews will have a lot of fun with this on Thanksgiving!" Sandra

"It looks like a great activity for a house of crazy cousins during Thanksgiving! Thanks!" - Kristin S.

"I purchased your Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt. I used it for my family gathering on Thanksgiving Day. They had a great ime finding the clues and working on putting it all together." Nancy S.

"I've been doing various treasure hunts for them for many years for Thanksgiving. This is the first time I have bought one. This will be much easier!...Thank you again for the terrific service!" Carolyn W.

"I've never been disappointed by anything you've sent. Joe, I can tell you're creative and brilliant, and all your products have been fabulous. Thanks for your passion" Laura W.

"Downloading your brain is worth every penny. I am glad you were there to help!" Sherry

"Joe, I really, really appreciate your advice!!! I can see I found the right company to work with online :)" Susan K.

"Thanks! I LOVE your books and puzzles! Great stuff!"
V. Wilcox

Because we offer the treasure hunt in download format, you are able to keep them forever, resetting up the hunt over and over for different groups of people over the years, changing the locations each time!

This download is offered in the convenient Adobe Acrobat PDF format (download the free reader HERE) - and you can


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