Roaring 20's Theme Party Games and Activities

A Roaring 20’s party can be a lot of fun to go to because typically everyone loves to get into costume for this particular theme. Guys get to be mobsters and the ladies get wear those flapper dresses. However, once the excitement wears down from seeing everyone in their costumes, it’s nice to have a few games or activities planned to help the fun continue throughout the party.

Have the number 20 written everywhere (in numbers as well as written out) – guests can have game cards to write down all of the 20’s that they find. Taking this a step further, raffle off a prize at the end of the party – guests earn one raffle ticket for each 20 that they find. That way, even those guests who didn’t find many will still have a chance to win while those that ‘went for it’ and found them all will have the greatest chance at winning the prize. This is also a great game for parties because it can go on throughout the entire party – guests casually finding different 20’s as they go!

All That Jazz   Think ahead for photo opportunities. Your guests will have such a great time walking around in costume that they will want to remember your party in a special way. Even if you don't have much in the way of decorations, plan on ONE spot that is extra decorated (perhaps a specific corner of the room.) This would be a great place to put a personalize banner or some cool standees (see image to the left for ideas on items to include in your photo opp. If you set your photo opp near the front door when your guests arrive, they'll also get a great 'pop' when they arrive!

For those more outgoing guests, provide an opportunity to star in their own silent movie! View some silent movies that you can find in at your local library (video rental stores also have them, however the library is free) and find some SHORT snippits of scenes that your guests could act out. Try to limit the snippits to 20-30 seconds for the sake of preparation. If you have a few prepared, you can have your guests either perform them live (with some appropriate music in the background) or else video tape them and provide a DVD of the performances of your guests with the thank you cards! For extra fun, have some large sheets of posterboard and markers handy for when you want your silent movie actors to speak!

Using simple, elastic flapper headbands (see right), create a headband flinging game! There are a few variations but all involve ‘shooting’ the headband in the same fashion as one would a rubberband (extending the headband over the thumb, pulling back with the opposite hand and then releasing.) Here are some variations:

* Simply go for distance (the further the shot, the better your chance of winning.) With this one, make sure that each contestant uses the same headband as different bands have different elastic snapping qualities!
* Give them a target they must hit. If you’ve purchased a cardboard cut-out as mentioned in the decorations section, this would be a great time to bring it over for your guests to have someone to shoot at!
* Set up a few different sized bowls for your guests to try and shoot the headband inside one of them. If you allow more than one shot (handing them three headbands at once, for example) you can even set up a point system where the smaller bowls are worth more points than a larger bowl.

We all know of the horrible stock market crash at the end of the 20’s decade. Well, why don’t you see if your guests have better luck than those investors nearly a century ago. At the beginning of the party, provide every guest with a sheet of stocks you’ve created (for best results, use guests’ names and made up companies) along with a starting value (make the values whole numbers to make the math easier. Each guest is to write down HOW MANY of each share that they want to buy (making sure that everyone has the same dollar amount to spend.) Now, this is where the fun begins…throughout the evening (or you can just wait until the end to announce the closing day’s numbers) call out new values for the stocks you have listed. At the end of the evening, whoever is ‘worth the most’ wins!

Learn to Play ROARING 20's STOCK MARKET BINGO!! The game is set up the same as the traditional version, setting a goal for everyone to get on their own Bingo boards. However, in Roaring 20's Stock Market Bingo you'll draw TWO at a time (just like choosing stocks.) With each pair, the players will have two chances to get a match to their board. If they have BOTH on their boards, something that they do not want, they'll need to CHOOSE which one they want to count (it was tough choosing stocks and not everyone got rich), knowing the un-chosen one will become a 'dead' space on their board. As you draw the call spaces, be sure to lay them out in pairs. When someone calls out Bingo, be sure that they do have not used two spaces in the same pair to make up their Bingo goal (essentially cheating, whether intentional or inadvertently.)

Set up an activity to gather everyone together to watch some old silent movies from the 20’s. These can be easily checked out from your local library. If possible, find someone who has a projector TV (or rent one) so that you can show the movies on a wall just like the old theaters! See if the movies have music playing for background to determine whether or not you’ll need to cue your own music for this activity. The movies are old, but they are full of entertainment and can amuse ANY age (ESPECIALLY the comedies!) For an added touch, in your invitations invite your guests to a private screening of a new silent movie! Your guests can come decked out in their old Hollywood style costumes and come in on a red carpet. Don’t forget the popcorn and goodies for your guests to enjoy while watching the movies!

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