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Roaring 20's Theme Party Ideas - Planning a Roaring 20's theme party and want to make it special without breaking your budget? LOOK NO FURTHER! This incredible e-book has provides over 20 pages of unique and creative ideas to make your Roaring 20's themed party or event FANTASTIC! From the simple to the elaborate - but all creative! Compiled by a professional treasure hunt event designer with over 15 years experience in designing themed parties and events!

Roaring 20's Scavenger Hunt Lists - Looking to plan a creative and fun Roaring 20's themed scavenger hunt and want it to be fresh, new and exciting? Check out this scavenger hunt list collection! Your party guests will not only search for objects in the traditional scavenger hunt fashion...they'll also have the ability to earn bonus points and solve puzzles along the way!!! THREE different lists to choose from to ensure that you have the PERFECT scavenger hunt for your party!

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The game is set up the same as the traditional version, setting a goal for everyone to get on their own Bingo boards. However, in Roaring 20's Stock Market Bingo you'll draw TWO at a time (just like choosing stocks.) With each pair, the players will have two chances to get a match to their board. If they have BOTH on their boards, something that they do not want, they'll need to CHOOSE which one they want to count (it was tough choosing stocks and not everyone got rich), knowing the un-chosen one will become a 'dead' space on their board. As you draw the call spaces, be sure to lay them out in pairs. When someone calls out Bingo, be sure that they do have not used two spaces in the same pair to make up their Bingo goal (essentially cheating, whether intentional or inadvertently.)