Roaring 20's themed Scavenger Hunt Lists

Looking to plan a creative and fun Roaring 20's themed scavenger hunt and want it to be fresh, new and exciting? Check out this scavenger hunt list collection! Scavenger hunts come in a variety of formats and types. That's why we've included not one, but FIVE different scavenger hunt lists in this collection You're sure to find the exact list that you're looking for to create the best scavenger hunt for your guests! This all inclusive resource includes all of the following:

Instructions on setting up a traditional scavenger hunt

Variations to be incorporated that AREN'T as traditional

A set of sample rules to draw from to help you facilitate the hunt

FIVE different scavenger hunt lists to choose from, each with a different format

Checklists to use for each list to make for easier points counting at the conclusion of the hunt

Plus, a blank sheet should you be so inspired to create your own list based on the elements of the five we've included

Yep, we've thought of everything!

Although all five lists were designed with a Roaring 20's theme, each list has a varying degree of difficulty and format:

LIST 1 - A basic list to find different Roaring 20's themed items as part of a scavenger hunt. This can be used in a traditional scavenger hunt format where participants collect as many of the items as they can before time runs out. This list can also be used as part of a Photo Scavenger Hunt where the participants must take photos of the items with their cell phones or digital cameras in order to earn points.

LIST 2- A more complex list where the items are disguised in the description of the list. For example "Gifts from oysters, you’ll need more than a pair. Bring in a string of them like flappers would wear." - or a pearl necklace!

LIST 3 - A deluxe photo scavenger hunt list. With this list, not only with the teams be looking for items, but they'll get extra points for taking photos of themselves doing different things like dancing the Charleston and cooking a spaghetti dinner!

Because sometimes you want to create a scavenger hunt INDOORS or in a smaller space such as a backyard, etc., we've included additional lists to facilitate a Roaring 20's themed scavenger hunt ANYWHERE. We've provided images of different Roaring 20's objects and three different lists to use to find them, each one with a varying degree of difficulty and complexity. The first is List 1 (see above). The following two are additional lists using these images in order of complexity!

LIST 4 - A list of Roarding 20's themed items to find with BONUS points able to be earned for collecting sets of different items.

LIST 5 - THE MEGA LIST - This is where we really get to show off our stuff!!! In this list, the participants will be not just looking for Roaring 20's themed items, they'll also be able to earn bonus points for sets, finding pieces to mini-puzzles, solving logic puzzles and collecting props from live volunteers!

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With this unique scavenger hunt list collection, you'll be the hit of the party with little work! How much is your time worth? This download is in the convenient Adobe Acrobat format to ensure easy loading and formatting integrity.









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