1940'S Theme Party Decorating Ideas

The 1940s has become one of the newest themes for theme parties in recent years. It was a time many romanticized, when neighbors and strangers banded together in the war effort. When it comes to decorating for a 1940s theme party, it can be challenging to come up with ideas to recreate the past without spending a lot of money. With these ideas you’ll be able to bring much of the 1940s into your party space without breaking the budget.

(The following 1940s theme party invitation ideas are excerpts from The Ultimate 1940s Themed Event - over 30 pages of forties theme party ideas!)

To help your guests get into the spirit of the 40’s before the party even begins, have each guest plan to bring a scrap piece of rubber or metal to the party itself. Rubber and metal scraps were constantly being collected because those materials were used to make firearms and other supplies for the war. Have someone stationed at the door (preferably in uniform, though not necessary) collecting the scraps from the guests as they enter, thanking them for their war effort. Why is this put in a ‘1940s Decorations’ article? Sometimes atmosphere goes beyond decoration and having the scrap metal pile at the entrance will actually help your guests transport themselves into the 1940s!

Movie posters from the 40s make terrific decorations! Check online for popular movies from that decade, but consider Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Oklahoma (the musical), Yankee Doodle Dandy, Disney’s Bambi (yes, Bambi) and movies by comedy duo greats such as Bob Hope and Bing Crosby as well as Abbott and Costello. Posters can always be ordered from online vendors however you can also download the images from the Internet and print them on your home computer. These look great posted anywhere and can be done with very little cost! (See below for a great 1940s poster resource)

Jazz Trumpet Player
  Think ahead for photo opportunities. Your guests will have such a great time walking around in costume that they will want to remember your party in a special way. Even if you don't have much in the way of decorations, plan on ONE spot that is extra decorated (perhaps a specific corner of the room.) This would be a great place to put a personalize banner or some cool standees (see image to the left for ideas on items to include in your photo opp.) If you set your photo opp near the front door when your guests arrive, they'll also get a great 'pop' when they arrive!

The 1940s was a very patriotic time in the US. Dig out that Fourth of July box of decorations from the garage and decorate your party in true patriotic style!

Hang up War posters persuading young men to enlist in the military for the war effort. These can either be made yourself or downloaded from the Internet and printed on your computer.

Get your hands on as many different television sets (with DVD players) as you can (and are able to plug into at your party space.) From your local library, check out enough movies from the 1940s to play on each set that you have. What’s really great about this decorating idea is that the sound doesn’t even need to be turned on. It creates a GREAT atmosphere to have all of the old black and white movies playing in different rooms of your party space, adding atmosphere and nostalgia…at no cost.

Do you have any extra 1940s costume pieces that you won’t be wearing? Put these on the walls! They look great assembled together in outfits or individually as separate pieces.


Learn to Play 1940's War Rations Bingo!

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Give each player 10-15 stickers (the exact number we'll let you decide based on the size of your game boards and how willing you are to allow for a non winner and the round to be played again.) These are the ONLY ways they can mark their boards. Begin by calling out a call space. If a player has that call space on their board, they have the CHOICE to either put a sticker on that space or save their sticker for a space that they are hoping to use it on. The honesty comes in when you consider the rule that once a call space is announced and moved on, the players cannot go back and put a sticker on the space…the moment has past. For the sake of your players, make sure that everyone has committed to either placing a sticker on the space or decided to save their sticker BEFORE calling out the next call space.







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1940s Movie Posters - Great for Decorations! from 123Posters

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