1940'S Theme Party Invitation Ideas

The 1940s can be such a romantic time for many and planning a 1940s theme party can be a lot of fun to try and capture the spirit of that time. When it comes to your invitations, do what you can to bring that spirit to your guests to build an excitement for the 1940s theme party you are planning with some of these invitation ideas.

(The following 1940s theme party invitation ideas are excerpts from The Ultimate 1940s Themed Event - over 30 pages of forties theme party ideas!)

Depending on your timeframe for the party (what part of the 40’s you are placing your party) you might consider inviting your guests to a Victory party as though the war was over! Two dates to consider in your invitations are May 8, 1945 (V-E Day celebrating the Allies victory in Europe) and August 14, 1945 (V-J Day celebrating the victory over Japan, signaling the end of World War II.)

Decorate your invitations like a newspaper headline. There are SO many different possible headlines to choose from. Just choose one that you feel will provide the right mood for your party (i.e. which part of the 40’s you are shooting for, etc.)

Jazz Trumpet Player
  Think ahead for photo opportunities. Your guests will have such a great time walking around in costume that they will want to remember your party in a special way. Even if you don't have much in the way of decorations, plan on ONE spot that is extra decorated (perhaps a specific corner of the room.) This would be a great place to put a personalize banner or some cool standees (see image to the left for ideas on items to include in your photo opp.) If you set your photo opp near the front door when your guests arrive, they'll also get a great 'pop' when they arrive!

Invite your guests to a community dance to say goodbye to all of the soldiers being shipped out in the morning. Conclude the party with a formal goodbye to all of the men in the room and that everyone will be hoping for a safe return. That would be a good time for each couple to give each other a goodbye kiss.

Movie posters make great front covers for your invitations. The graphic for them can be found by visiting a couple movie poster websites and ‘nabbing’ the image by either right click/cutting and pasting or by right clicking/Save Picture As. You can also simply enter the movie title in the IMAGES search window as described in Idea #3 in the Decorations and Atmosphere section

Grab the famous image of Uncle Sam pointing his finger out saying WE WANT YOU! (to come to the party, of course…)

Disguise the invitation like a draft letter from the US military. Explain that their ‘number has been called’ at they must report to the Davis Home Military Base (for example, or wherever your party will be held) immediately!



1940s Movie Posters - Great for Decorations! from 123Posters

Count Basie 1939 Reproduction Concert PosterGlenn Miller 1939 Repro Concert PosterCasablanca PosterCitizen Kane PosterKissing on VJ Day PosterPearl Harbor Battleship Row PosterBogart - Three Drinks Behind PosterGene Krupa 1941 Repro Concert PosterDizzy Gillespie Royal Roost 1948 Reproduction Concert Poster

Learn to Play 1940's War Rations Bingo!

Normally, in Bingo when a call space is called every player has the chance to check their board to see if they have that space labeled. If they have it on their board, they automatically get to mark it. Well, what if the players only got to mark a set number of spaces on their boards?...

Give each player 10-15 stickers (the exact number we'll let you decide based on the size of your game boards and how willing you are to allow for a non winner and the round to be played again.) These are the ONLY ways they can mark their boards. Begin by calling out a call space. If a player has that call space on their board, they have the CHOICE to either put a sticker on that space or save their sticker for a space that they are hoping to use it on. The honesty comes in when you consider the rule that once a call space is announced and moved on, the players cannot go back and put a sticker on the space…the moment has past. For the sake of your players, make sure that everyone has committed to either placing a sticker on the space or decided to save their sticker BEFORE calling out the next call space.


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