1960's Themed Scavenger Hunt List Collection

A COMPLETE Scavenger Hunt Activity!

Our thoughtful designers have put together a collection of THREE different 1960's themed scavenger hunt lists that are sure to build memories for you and your family. All three lists are in ONE collection so that you can CHOOSE which list is best for YOUR family and friends. The hunts will pull in EVERY age group (how many activities can say that?) including ol' grumpy Uncle Paul who never wants to get out of his chair.

And the best part....

It will require VERY little time and effort on your part as we provide ALL the images/items needed to set up the hunt...so you can devote YOUR time to having fun yourself!

Our lists go BEYOND any other scavenger list!
Because we offer THREE different lists to choose from, we are able to provide a variety of options in the actual play of the hunt. The first list is a straight forward 'hunt'...but list two goes further by providing BONUS points for completing different sets of items. List three breaks the boundaries of traditional scavenger hunts by offering puzzles and clues in addition to finding the items on the list...even pulling in different family members to play a character or two!
Our lists are for ALL ages!
Trying to find an activity that can be enjoyed by a 5 year old and a 45 year old can be quite the challenge. The searching skills involved will engage every age and the extra problem solving skills required to solve the puzzles will entertain the older children and adults. EVERYONE has fun!
Our lists are flexible and versatile to meet YOUR needs!
A scavenger hunt is the PERFECT activity as YOU get to set the times it begins and ends. It can run throughout the day - running on it's own while you attend to all those other party details. With the ability to choose between three different lists, you're sure to find the perfect list for the activity YOU know your guests would enjoy.
Perhaps the most ideal reason for choosing this activity, beyond all the fun your family and friends will have, is the ease with which you'll be able to set it up! We know how precious your time is going to be on that day...all that's required is choosing a list, printing the items/images/clues and cutting them out, and hiding them in your home...AND YOU'RE DONE!!! With the ease of this set up, you don't even need to be familiar with the home in advance before you set it up!!!

This 1960's Scavenger Hunt Lists Collection includes all of the following:

Instructions on setting up a traditional scavenger hunt
Variations to be incorporated that AREN'T as traditional
A set of sample rules to draw from to help you facilitate the hunt
Clues to hide for the puzzles
Checklists to use for easier points counting at the conclusion of the hunt
AND...THREE different Complete Scavenger Hunt Lists - all with a 1960's theme - ready to be printed out and used!

PLUS...we've provided images at the conclusion of the download to be used in your scavenger hunt! You don't even need to find the items ahead of time to set it up!

What do our customers say about our products?

"I've never been disappointed by anything you've sent. Joe, I can tell you're creative and brilliant, and all your products have been fabulous. Thanks for your passion" Laura W.

"Honestly, you have the best customer response that I have ever witnessed, and I can say with confidence that I will be coming back to use your unique products again; I can already tell that this pirate party is going to be superb. " Sara

"My experience with Quest was terrific. The treasure hunt I purchased was a great hit with the 13 children that participated. It was interesting, difficult, but not too difficult, and a lot of fun...I know I will go through Quest again..." Cindi C.

"Downloading your brain is worth every penny. I am glad you were there to help!" Sherry

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With this unique scavenger hunt list collection, your family and friends will enjoy a memorable 1960's party...and you won't have to break a sweat to make it happen! You could be printing out the lists now for only $9.95


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