1970's Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Seventies party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Seventies Party Ideas

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Call around to your guests to see who knows The Hustle (the dance) - have them 'refresh their steps' before they get to the party so that they can be prepared to teach all those that are willing to learn!

Plan a 1970's themed scavenger hunt. Either create your own list, or download an amazing list off the Internet! CLICK HERE

DON'T THROW AWAY THE PARTY DECORATIONS! - Save money and do something your guests will LOVE! GIVE AWAY your party decorations! Use 70's period posters (see below for inexpensive resources) to hang around your party area. Allow the winners of different games to choose which poster they'll get to walk away with at the conclusion to the party! Combine decorations with party prizes!

Have a contest for the biggest bell-bottom pants (the biggest flair!)

By either downloading the music off the Internet or by purchasing a tape from your local music store, you can get your hands on all kinds of TV theme songs from the 70's. CD's are best so that you can skip right to the next song once the playing song has been guessed (unless, of course, your guests would enjoy hearing the whole song...even singing along!)

If playing a Name That Tune style game where the guests must hear a song, offer extra points for the artist and the year it was released!

Visit IMDB.com (a GREAT movie resource online) and select movies that were in that decade (choosing movies that your guests might be familiar with) also writing down WHEN they were released. As a fun game, have your guests try to put the movies in the order of their release date.


70's Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!

Downloadable 1970's Themed Bingo Set

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