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Eighties Party Ideas

Plan a 1980's themed scavenger hunt. Either create your own list, or download an amazing list off the Internet! CLICK HERE

Hold a Scrunchee flinging contest! Set a certain distance ahead of time, having practiced with a few throws first. Set a few targets to hit and a few targets to land the Scrunchees in (i.e. a pot, etc.) Assign a different point value for each object to hit or land in. Give each party guest three flings to see how many points they can get!

A lip-sync contest with a twist...DON'T let the participants choose the song! This is especially fun for a more outgoing crowd. Randomly match up songs to the participants WITHOUT telling them ahead of time which 80's song they will be singing. They must wait until the song starts to know! The goal is to FAKE it as best they can...even if they don't know the song, if they have great showmanship then they can rack up the points!

Use 80's Movies poster images for your invitations!

Similar to the above, use famous album covers from popular 80's music groups (i.e. Michael Jackson's THRILLER, etc.)

In your invitations go TOTALLY VALLEY! Remember that Valley Girl was a HUGE craze in the beginning of the eighties...include lots of TOTALLY's and GAG ME WITH A SPOON's!

Make a giant Rubik’s Cube! Get a large, square cardboard box from your local box store. Paint each side a different color (red, green, orange, white, yellow and blue). Using black electrical tape, created the grids (a basic tic tac toe using the tape) on each of the sides. Don’t forget to also use the tape on all of the edges of the box!

If you are going for a potluck, ask each guest to bring a dish that represents something about the eighties. Items to include might be lasagna (Garfield the Cat’s favorite food, Rocky Road ice cream from the movie The Goonies, etc.) Hold a contest for the most creative interpretation of the assignment!

Look up different commercial product slogans from the eighties and see how many products your guests can match to the slogan. These make for great party games to play! For example, do you remember which fast food restaurant commercial had the old lady yelling out “Where’s the beef?”

Smurfs were VERY popular during the eighties. Play a game where your guests are rewarded for finding as many smurfs as they can. To set the game up, first print out several different small images of smurfs (finding images online of different smurfs is a quick find.) On the backs of the images, write one of three different numbers - 1, 2 and 3. These will be the point values for each of the smurfs if found. When the images are prepared, hide them throughout your party area, hiding the higher numbered point values in harder places to find. When you are ready to play the game, have each guest begin searching for smurfs. The winner is determined not by how many smurfs they find but rather how many points they’ve collected (adding up the numbers on the backs of the smurfs they DID find.)

Offer a prize to the girl in the room with the most number of ear piercing. In the eighties it was a trendy thing to have multiple ear piercings in a single ear!

Hold another contest to the guest who is wearing the most number of bracelets - another big trend in the eighties was to wear lots of bracelets at once!



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80's Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!