Abby Cadabby Theme Party Supplies

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Abby Cadabby Party Ideas

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  • Decorate your entire party area in pink, lavender and light blue. Put pictures of Abby Cadabby on helium balloons and let them float around the room freely - it will be like she's visiting the party!

  • Make Abby Cadabby punch with pink lemonade. Use pink or blue sherbet to add ore color to the drink.

  • Make Abby's wand cake! Use a circle cake pan for the top of the wand and then cut a rectangle from a traditional cake for the handle. To make the wand look like a pom-pom, use coconut shavings on top to add a "fuzzy" feel. Or use pink, lavender and blue sprinkles to look like Abby's wand.

  • Create magic wand invitations with the party information listed on the pom-pom top of the wand. Abby's wand doesn't have a star, it's more of a pom-pom. Cut a circle of paper large enough to write your party information. Include a 1/4 to 1/2 inch "edge" for the pom-pom fringe. Cut small slits into the edge of the circle to make it look like a pom-pom.

  • Adapt common games to Abby's theme - pin the star on the wand. Or, for more fun, use actual paper pom-poms and stick them on the wand! Fairy tag - freeze tag with a twist. You have to be touched by a wand to be un-frozen.

  • Make Abby Cadabby magic wands! You can use pink, lavender and blue yarn, ribbon or crepe paper to make pom-poms. Get a sturdy piece of cardboard or piece of wood - anything about 3-6 inches wide, depending on how large you want your pom-pom. Wrap the yarn around the piece of cardboard. The more yarn you wrap, the fuller the pom-pom will be. You can wrap pink, then blue, then purple on top of each other. Carefully slide the wrapped yarn off the cardboard so it stays in a "bunch." Take another piece of ribbon or yarn about 12 inches long and tie it tightly around the center of the bunch - so the "folded" sides of the yarn are above and below the tying piece. Now cut the bunched yarn at the "fold" on the top and bottom of the bunch and you'll have a pom-pom. Use the remaing length from the piece tying the pom together to attach the pom-pom to a tupe of cardboard, a dowel rod, a straw or rolled up piece of paper. You can tape the yarn to the wand handle and then wrap it in more paper or colored tape to hide the yarn on the handle.

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