Agatha Christie Theme Party Supplies

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Agatha Christie Party Ideas

Visit your local library and get your hands on as many Agatha Christie novels as you can (you may need to reserve them from other libraries if your city’s library system allows for interlibrary exchanges.) These are great to be used as part of centerpieces! Some of the more decorative covers can also be photocopied and made into posters to further decorate your party area!

At the center of your party table, arrange 10 Indian figures in a circle. Throughout the party, remove one of the Indian figures without your guests seeing you, until there is only one left by the end of the party. This is keeping in line with one of her most famous stories TEN LITTLE INDIANS (also entitled AND THEN THERE WERE NONE.)

Create a poster with the And There Were None poem on it:

Ten little Indian boys went out to dine
One went and choked himself and then there were nine.

Nine little Indian boys stayed up late
One went and choked himself and then there were eight.

and so on…

Make photocopies of different book covers of some of Agatha Christie’s best known novels. These can be blown up to poster size and hung up all around the room

Purchase movie posters from any number of the movies that were made based on her novels. These make for great decorations and even better parting gifts for your guests (give them out to your guests as they leave or as prizes for winning any party games that you might have planned.)

Have the invitations printed on nice stationary with an elegant script. Then have each invitation cut into several pieces and placed into envelopes. Your guests will then be able to put the puzzle pieces together in order to read the details for your Agatha Christie theme party!

Disguise your invitations to look like train tickets aboard the Orient Express. The time the party will begin can relate to the time the train departs and the location for the party will be your train station address.

If at all possible, have a nice sit down meal. For that extra bit to really impress your guests, ask a couple of family members or other volunteers who wouldn’t mind SERVING you as your dine with your guests. Normally it might seem a little overboard for some ‘servants’ at a themed party…but not for this one. Before dinner starts they could be answering the door as the butler and walking around serving drinks as the maid!

Get the synopsis of several Agatha Christie books and type them up on a page (these are easily found online - a few sentences for each should do the trick.) At the top of the page write/type (in a random order) the titles of the novels you wrote the brief story summaries on. Hand these sheets out to your guests to see who can match the most summaries to the actual Agatha Christie book titles!

Have all of your guests come in 1920-30’s costumes. That alone will put everyone in the spirit of all of Agatha Christie’s novels!

Agatha Christie Movie Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!

Movie Posters


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Roaring 20's Posters from 123 Posters
Great for decorations as well as prizes - allow your guests to take them home after the party!