Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

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Alice in Wonderland Party Decorating Ideas

The Cheshire Cat was always appearing and disappearing – especially in mirrors. Cut out smiles and round cartoon eyes to tape to all of the mirrors in the house (including the bathroom mirrors). Remember, he often only partly materialized, so the smile and eyes will be enough!

In the story, some of the Queen of Hearts’ servants accidentally planted white roses in the garden instead of the red roses the Queen asked for. As a result, they were left with the task of painting all of the roses red before the Queen could find out. This aspect of the story can be reflecting by decorating bushes or trees at your party with red and white flowers. These can be simply placed in the bushes (silk roses) or you can first take the white ones and splash some red paint on them first to show that someone was indeed trying to paint the red!

Similar to the above, write out quotes from the book on single sheets of paper that are relevant to your party. These look great taped up all over the party areas. The more that they look like pages from the book, the better.

Create a garland using a deck of cards. Tape playing cards along a string in a garland-like fashion. You can achieve two different looks for the garland depending on how you tape them to the string. You can create a clean looking arrangement by arranging all of the cards flush which each other, each card facing the same direction. For a chaotic, ‘crazy’ feel, mix and match the directions the cards are facing as well as how high up the cards you tape them to the string, including providing some spaces between some of the cards.

Flamingos were used in the story to play croquet with. Find some lawn flamingos to place at strategic places at your party - especially if you plan to play croquet in the yard as part of your party activities.

Decorate your party area with pages from the book. Pick up a colorful book from your local used book store and rip out the pages. One book should be enough to decorate your entire party area. If you’ve divided your party area into different parts of Wonderland, be sure to coordinate the aspects to the story with the locations you’ve created for your party space

Make tissue paper roses - either red or white or both! These are fun to make and could even be integrated into your party’s activity line-up. To make a single rose, take 5-8 sheets of tissue paper, each approximately four inches square (the sizes and number of the sheets can vary as you desire.) Stack the sheets and fan fold the stack (alternating directions) in 3/4 inch intervals until you have a mini fan. Now take a twist tie and tightly secure the center of the fan. One at a time, pull the layers up, separating each one to create a flower. Do this to both sides and shape. These look amazing when finished. For an added touch, consider taking a red marker and coloring the tips of the white roses!

Alice got lost in the Tulgey Woods. You can create your own Tulgey wood with the help of some glow in the dark paint found at a stage and lighting company (some larger craft stores also have a selection), some black lights (those purple lights that turn your white shoelaces a bright white glow) and some poster boards. Paint signs on the poster board with the glow in the dark paint such as “Not this way” or “This way not that way” and hang them haphazardly around the room. Once the black lights are on, you’ll have an eerie Tulgey Wood. As a final touch, put up some silk plant vines around the entrance to the Tulgey Wood to give it a more ‘woodsy’ feel.

Check your local toy store to find an oversized deck of cards. The bigger the better. One large decks will be enough to decorate your entire party space. These can be put up around your party area in a variety of way and arrangements. Be sure to reserve the King and Queen of Hearts for a special place such as the main table centerpiece, etc.



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Alice in Wonderland Posters! - Great party decorations!

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