Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

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Alice in Wonderland Party Food Ideas

Make a bunch of small Eat Me signs and tape them to toothpicks. These can be placed in ALL of the food that you have prepared on the table. If individual plates are made for the guests, make sure that each guest gets one in their main course (i.e. hot dog, sandwich, etc.) These are also great to put on top of cupcakes, cookies, really anything you are serving for food.

Similar to the above, create small Drink Me tags and tie them to all of the guests’ cups. These can also be tied to the necks of 2-liter bottles of soda, etc!

Serve tarts that the Knave of Hearts stole. This can also be incorporated into an activity where the guests must FIND the tarts that the Knave stole. Simply set out on the table a plate with the crumbs from the tarts. Announce to everyone that the Knave of Hearts has stolen the tarts and that their job is to find them. This would make for a great scavenger hunt or treasure hunt game! Once the guests find the tarts, they can enjoy eating them!

Ask around to anyone with a healthy cookie cutter collection and see if you can borrow some cookie cutters in the shapes of the suits of a standard playing card deck (hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.) These are great for making sandwiches, cooking and jello candy. A simple idea, but with a great visual impact.

For easy and fun cupcake toppers, consider placing a couple upright playing cards on top.

Make a chocolate cake rabbit hole! This can be done in a variety of ways, utilizing the devil’s food cake color to emulate the soil. A basic design would involve cutting away at the top layer of a standard to layer round cake, then frosting the cake all green. When you tear away some of the frosting to make the ‘hole’ it will reveal the chocolate cake on the inside as though you were digging in a garden. Play with the different effects. A small sign with an arrow pointing down the hole saying “This way to Wonderland” will finish it off. If you have an appropriate sized plastic rabbit, stick him HEAD FIRST into the hole, exposing the back end as though the guests caught a glimpse of the rabbit just before he disappeared down the hole.

In honor of the white rabbit, make a carrot cake!










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Mad Hatter Pages on Antiqued FAIRYTALE PAPER!

White Rabbit Pages on Antiqued FAIRYTALE PAPER!

Alice in Wonderland Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!

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