Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

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Alice in Wonderland Party Games

Visit your local thrift store and pick up an old chess set. Set up a game where all of the chess pieces are hidden throughout the party area. This activity can either be timed for a quick game or set up to last throughout the party, allowing guests to stumble across them as the party progresses. Why not just use one of your own sets? Well, in a perfect world all of the chess pieces come back. However, it’s likely that a piece or two might get misplaced or lost. Using a cheap set you picked up at the thrift store won’t matter as much. You can either award the winner as the one who found the most pieces, award points for different pieces found (i.e. the queens are worth more points than the pawns, etc.) or award raffle tickets for a drawing at the end of the parting (allowing even those who might have only found one to still have a chance for the prize at the end.)

Play DISAPPEARING CHESSIRE CAT. Begin with one person being it and leaving the room. Among the other guests, one of them must be the Chessire Cat (without the person who’s it knowing.) The guest playing the cat will then leave the room and the person who’s it returns. They have exactly five seconds to figure out who at the party is missing. Once they make their guess and it’s determined whether they are right or wrong, the guest who ‘disappeared’ is now it. This game is ideal when there are a lot of people playing.

Have a card stacking contest. Give each person (or team for larger guest lists) a deck of cards and explain that first place will go to the person/team who can build the HIGHEST structure using ONLY their deck of cards!

Plan an Alice in Wonderland themed scavenger hunt. Either create your own list, or download an amazing list off the Internet! CLICK HERE

If you are considering playing croquet, which is an excellent choice for party game because it was actually played in the story, consider taping playing cards to the tops of the ring hoops that the balls are hit through. In the story, the cards created the hoops and it’s a great way to change regular croquet into Wonderland Croquet!

Play Wonderland Chess (basically an abbreviated version for quicker games.) The pieces move in the standard chess way, however you only use half of the pieces and no Queen. Use exactly half of the pawns and one of each of the other standard pieces. Use the single King, but again, remove the Queen for play. Place the pieces on the board on the right side of each player (such that all pieces will be in opposing CORNERS – each player will view their own pieces in front of them on their own right.) The goal is to capture the King or to be the first capture all of their opponents pieces (other than the King.)

Play Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum relay! Visit your local thrift store and get your hands on the LARGEST pair of pants that you can find (two pair if you plan on teams going head to head.) For pants that are large enough, two children can fit into a single pair of pants for running from one length to the other (each child can fit into a single pant leg.) Running may be difficult, but that’s part of the fun!) If you can’t find a pair of pants large enough, plan for a regular relay race where the participants must put the oversized pants first and run with the on, giving them to their next teammate before they the next runs.

If you’ve chosen an ongoing theme of looking for the white rabbit throughout the party, consider the activity of collecting or searching for carrots to help catch him! This can done simply by hiding carrots in a room and allowing the guests to find them or by allowing the guests to earn carrots throughout the party via different games and activities.

Play Crazy Wonderland Croquet. Use the standard playing rules for croquet EXCEPT have everyone ROTATE balls every other round (or every round for more skilled players.) In this way, the goal is to make your way to the winning ball at the time it wins. In this way, it allows a chance for every player to win…even the less skilled ones. The colors can be rotated in a standard, predecided order or you can have everyone draw colors from a hat every other round to see which ball they are going to play with!

Fully Downloadable Alice in Wonderland Themed Bingo Set - CLICK HERE!

Mad Hatter Pages on Antiqued FAIRYTALE PAPER!

White Rabbit Pages on Antiqued FAIRYTALE PAPER!

Alice in Wonderland Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!

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