Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

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Alice in Wonderland Party Invitation Ideas

Send the invitations from the perspective of the Mad Hatter throwing a party. For added fun, write the words BACKWARDS. This can either be done by writing the message last word first through first word last or by selecting the ‘iron on’ option within Microsoft WORD (making even the letters backwards!)

There are all kinds of fun things that you can put INSIDE the invitations to make it fun such as rabbit footprint cutouts, teabags, mini-carrot, playing cards, etc.

Write the party details on an actual playing card (using a Sharpie marker).

Before you mail out the invitation, cut the invitation using scissors into several pieces. When you party guest opens the envelope, they’ll be able to put the puzzle together for fun to get all of the Wonderland party details!

If the invitations will be hand delivered, consider printing the party information on a small sticker label and sticking them to the inside bottoms of inexpensive tea cups. That way, in order for the party guest to read in the information, they’ll need to pick up the tea cup in a drinking fashion. Before you purchase a new set of tea cups, consider first visiting your local thrift store. Remember, the tea cups do not need to match as they will each be received by a different party guest.

Get your hands on an Alice in Wonderland coloring book or a small story book. Either of these make for great pages to either include with your party invitations (inside the envelopes) are AS the invitations themselves, writing the party information directly on the book pages.


















Fully Downloadable Alice in Wonderland Themed Bingo Set - CLICK HERE!

Mad Hatter Pages on Antiqued FAIRYTALE PAPER!

White Rabbit Pages on Antiqued FAIRYTALE PAPER!

Alice in Wonderland Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!

Movie Posters