Angry Birds Theme Party Supplies

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Angry Birds Party Ideas

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An obvious activity is to set up a game of knocking down stacked structures with some 'angry birds.' Consider these options when planning:
.........Bean bags can easily be sewn using scrap fabric. Ask around to those who sew for some scraps they might be able to give you. Filling the bags with rice or lentil beans are a great way to add weight to your bean bags. For added fun, hot glue gun some googlie eyes to your bean bags as well. These also make for great parting gifts for your guests.
.........Another option for making the birds is to use rubber balloons. Fill one standard 9" balloon with lentil beans as full as you can get it. Tie the balloon off. Now, with a SECOND balloon, stuff the lentil filled balloon inside (you'll need two layers to keep the latex from ripping and thus spraying lentils everywhere should the balloon burst.) Eyes and faces can then be drawn on each of these balloons - and they're ready for throwing!
.........Provide several different structures to be used as targets. A variety of materials will also help (Styrofoam cups, shoe boxes, etc.) The taller you are able to make the structure, the more fun potentially it will be to knock it down!

Assuming you purchased Angry Birds plates or napkins, take whatever extras you might have and hang them up on the wall or by string from the ceiling. They make for great decorations and a great way to keep from wasting your purchase. For added fun, lightly tape the plates to strings from the ceiling allowing your guests to pull a plate off a string in order to use one!

Play some Corn hole using the bean bags made to look like Angry Birds (see above)

Buy a bag of googlie eyes and attach them to red napkins. They are fun to put on the plates as you set your table or to be used as decorations throughout your party!

Create a game where two opposing teams set up a structure of a certain height and the SAME materials (for the sake of being fair). Each team faces off and throws bean bags at the opposing teams' structure.

Using scrap wood that many would have in their garage (or a neighbor's garage) create a small wooden structure similar that found in the game. This makes for a GREAT centerpiece - especially if you put a few Angry Birds on it!


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