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Anniversary Party Ideas


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Have the happy couple renew their vows at the party. There’s a good chance that they forgot what they were, however if you are able to borrow their wedding video (assuming they had one) ahead of time, you can write down their vows and give them to read again. For a fun twist on this, ask them in advance to write vows to each other they WISHED they would have said when they first got married. For a couple a good sense of humor, this could be fun for everyone!

Allow the anniversary couple a few minutes to offer some general marriage advice for the benefit of everyone in the room (married yet or not).

Create an Anniversary Tree. Take out that artificial Christmas tree you have packed away in the garage and set it up with lights and a neutral, non-Christmas garland (if you have any.) Print out small shapes of bells and doves (check for images online) from paper and leave instructions by the tree for your party guests to write down on the paper ornaments ways in which the anniversary couple has positively affected their lives. Be sure to include a paper clip attachment for each bell/dove for the sake of hanging on the tree as well as some extra pens/pencils for your guests to write with. At the conclusion to the party, after you’ve taken down the tree, you can hand the dove/bell ornaments to the anniversary couple for them to read in private when they are alone.

What song did they dance together with at the reception? Play it and allow them to dance to it again!

This may take a little preparation, but everyone will have a great time with it. Ask the anniversary couple to write down one major thing that happened in their lives for each year they were married. If they get stuck on a few years (or their memories just aren’t what they used to be) insert a current event fact for that year(s). This can then be turned into a game! Game #1 would be to create a worksheet scrambling up the facts for each person to try and put in the correct order (obviously no years are put on the worksheet.) Game #2 would involve having each fact on a separate index card and giving each party guest one of them. Everyone must then stand in line (figuring it out as a group) in the chronological order of the event on their cards. If there aren’t enough guests for the years the couple has been married, consider having the group simply figure out together the order for the cards by taping them o the wall as they determine the order.

Poll your guests ahead of time or at the beginning of your party one funny or unusual/unexpected thing that happened at their own wedding ceremony. Write them down for later. At a later time, pull all of your guests together and explain that you’ll mention the detail and everyone else is to figure out which couple in the room that would have happened to!

Ask the happy couple what colors were in their wedding. These can be fun to incorporate in your party through balloons and streamers. For added fun, have all of the women that are coming dressed in the colors of her brides maids’ dresses!

Incorporate the bride’s flower choice from their wedding into the arrangement for your table centerpiece.


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