The Ultimate 1930's Archeology Adventure Package

Archeology Mega Pack

The Quest Archeology Adventure Pack includes ALL of the following downloads:

- Surfing the web for party ideas for your next Indiana Jones theme party or event? Already have ideas for your Indiana Jones theme party but looking for a TON more? LOOK NO FURTHER! This incredible e-book has compiled OVER 200unique and creative Indiana Jones style theme party ideas (over 40s pages!) to make your party or event FANTASTIC! From the simple to the elaborate - but all creative! Compiled by a professional treasure hunt event designer with over 15 years experience in designing pirate themed parties and events!
Ancient Egypt/1930s Archeology Treasure Hunt Puzzles Package - A complete 1930s archeology themed treasure hunt - all ready to be set up by you! FIVE, ready to be set up Indiana Jones style treasure hunt clues and puzzles - This treasure hunt is NOT just a bunch of random word searches and paper mazes...The whole treasure hunt is bound together by a story, in a way that only a professional treasure hunt designer can do! - Follow the trail of five national archeological teams from all over the world as they search for the tomb of Thutmose IV! Just fill in the locations specific to your playing area or city, make the needed copies and you are ready to go! Already working on a treasure hunt of your own? No problem, these puzzles were cleverly designed to be inserted into a treasure hunt of your own! Use just one or use all five!

What do our customers have to say about The Ultimate 1930s Archeology downloads?

"Hi! I just wanted to say I am so thrilled with your 1930's archeology package. I had decided to have an "Indiana Jones" type party and your site was just what I needed! ...Your package was well worth the price as there were many awesome things I had never thought of. Thanks again for a job well done! I am recommending you to others. Keep up the good work!" Lori & Dan B.

"I am so excited to have yet another of your great books. I have your Pirate Adventure, a few Halloween books and your Spy Adventure - oh, yeah - I have an Indiana Jones one as well. They are all great and I can't wait to use the Western One for an upcoming party for my teenage daughter. Thanks for all your hard work" - Denise B.

"Much, much thanks - it looks super! (We're using the ideas for decorating for our church VBS)" - Laurel

"I purchased and used your Indiana Jones theme party. It was excellent. We used many of your ideas in our birthday party this past month. I am purchasing your Hollywood theme now…for the following year. Thank you for your excellent work." Joya M.

"We just got the 1930s archeology theme and love it! Thanks!" - Neil

"We purchased the information from your website to help us out in the planning of an "Indiana Jones" themed birthday party...there was much more information there than what we were able to use. I would recommend the site to anyone looking to plan a real treasure hunt" Alicia F.

"I love your website and all the offerings!...In April I ordered the Ultimate 1930s Archeology Theme Event for additional ideas for my church's Vacation Bible was just the right amount of inspiration to get my wonderful crew of volunteers inspired...I have bookmarked your website so if I am ever in need of a special event your site will be one I will check for sure!" Susan B.

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Indiana Jones Movie Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!

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