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Depending on what you want to create (especially if it is something large like the Eiffel Tower, Sphynx or Great Wall of China, etc.) you might opt to visit your local grocery warehouse (i.e. Sam’s Club, Price Club, etc.) They receive their products in on giant pallets with a large sheet of cardboard in between each layer. They typically throw these giant sheets out. If you talk with the receiving manager, they’ll probably be able to help and save some for you. These are great for more sturdy decorations and for creating ‘stand ups.’

Time permitting, decorate each room of the party like a different country. Make sure to include the icons from each country in your decorating. This works especially well if the event is rather large. Hand out world maps and write next to different countries the details of what can be found there (i.e. dancing in the Caribbean, dining in Paris, etc.)

Visit your local travel agency and pick up different brochures for cruises and world travel vacation destinations. These make great centerpieces and even wall decorations. Many of them open up to larger maps on the inside which can especially nice decorations. If you are a AAA roadside assistance member, visit your local branch office as you’ll find a ton of travel resources there as well.

If going for the traditional balloons and streamers, consider using different schemes in different rooms. For example, if you have a room decorated with an Italian theme, include colors from the Italian flag (white, red and green.) If your outside garden is Japan, then consider using white, black and red. Provide a list of flags (a website where they can view them all)

Fold your invitations like a paper airplane and decorate them as such on the outside. On the inside explain that your guests will be taking a ‘world tour’ as such. Inside, describe the party details in a flight itinerary format.

Make your invitations look like travel brochures for a world tour either by flight or cruise. Be sure to include lots of pictures from famous world landmarks.

This is a great game that can passively last throughout the entire party. Print out several pictures of different world landmarks (see the Decorations section for resource ideas on obtaining images.) On each of the sheets of paper, write a different number, bold enough to see easily. Place them throughout the party area, however, do not place all of them in easily found locations. Some of them can be in plain view (so that everyone can find a few) but most hide a bit out of site. Provide for each of your guests to have a copy of a list of all the images to find. Next to each of the image names, they are to write the number/name provided on each image sheet. The goal is to be the first to fill in all the answers by either knowing them outright, finding the poster or combinations thereof. You can also instruct them that all completed sheets can be turned in to you by a certain time, then a raffle can be held among all that are turned in for a prize. A third variation would be to offer a raffle ticket for each correct answer (the more they answer, the better chance they’ll have to win a prize at the raffle.)

Organize a Vacation Clothes Relay Race. Tell the participants that they are all going on a world cruise…but first they must pack. The relay race can be facilitated in two different ways, both involving breaking the kids up into two different groups.

Place two suitcases way out, away from the teams. When you say GO, the first member of each team must race to their respective suitcase, put each article of clothing on until the judge by each has verified that each article of clothing is properly worn, then remove all the articles and return them to the suitcase. They are then to run back to their team and tap the hand of the next team member who must run to the suitcase and do the same. The team who has all their team members return first (having each worn the outfit) is the winner. If one team has more members than the other, then make sure that one of the members from the smaller team runs it twice. For added fun, make sure to include items of clothing that must be buttoned, snapped and zipped. Also, make a concerted effort to include similar clothing in the two suitcases.

A variation on the above is to split each team into two halves. Each half faces each other a good distance away. When you say go, the first team member from each team on ONE of the sides must put on all their articles of clothing. Once the judge has verified that all the buttons are buttoned and all the snaps are snapped, the team member must run to the team members on the other side and remove the articles of clothing so that the next team member can begin to put on the clothing. Once the outfit is on and verified by the judge on that side, the team member runs across and repeats the action. This can be hilarious to watch the children run with the funny articles of clothing you may have chosen. This game could easily be adapted for outgoing adults who love to laugh at themselves and have a good time!



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