Atlanta Braves Theme Party Ideas
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Planning a Atlanta Braves party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Atlanta Braves Party Ideas

Why not put up some decorations that will also double as game prizes! If you’ve opted to play a couple of games during the party (i.e. at the seventh inning stretch, etc.) then try this: Order some Atlanta Braves posters and hang them up throughout the party area. The first person to win a game (whether it’s a score prediction game you’ve created or baseball Bingo) gets first pick of poster on the walls. By the end of the party, you’ve given away your posters and your party guests have party favors to take home with them! See below for online poster resources.

Play some Baseball Bingo! You can either make your own cards or just download them HERE!

Play some games involving aiming a whiffle ball. Whiffles balls are fun because they are light and change direction very easily. Setting up a simple target to aim at in your backyard should do the trick, though if you have a larger space consider allowing the players to hit the ball with a plastic bat. If you are choosing the latter, make sure that the target is larger as it’s much more difficult to hit your target hitting the ball with the bat.

Make your invitations look like game day tickets for an Atlanta Braves game. It’s a perfect format for giving all of the information for your party - the exact time and date for your party!

Do what you can to borrow a baseball referee shirt to wear for your party. This is especially effective if your party is on game day and there are opposing loyalties!

Send your guests on a Baseball themed scavenger hunt! You can either create your own lists or download one HERE!

As the colors of the Atlanta braves are navy, scarlet and white, consider getting these colors of construction paper and creating a paper chain for decorating. This is an activity that the kids can even get in on (and take over if you’re lucky…) They are simple to create - you can get creative, too, on your color arrangement. For example you can alternate colors or have several links of one color before changing to a new color.

Sometimes you’ll want to blanket a large space of your party with their colors, but that can get pretty expensive. For an inexpensive alternative, pick up a few rolls of cheap wrapping paper in the Padres colors. These can be used to decorates doorways, walls and even used to cut out giant letters spelling the name of the team!

Atlanta Braves Posters from 123 Posters
Great for decorations as well as prizes - allow your guests to take them home after the party!

Atlanta Braves Logo Poster

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