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The Avengers Party Ideas

For fun invitations, write out all of the information for the party in a standard WORD document. However, when you save it, click on TOOLS and SAVE OPTIONS. In this drop down menu you’ll be able to choose to password protect the file. You can now have fun with this ‘top secret’ document in a lot of different ways. Perhaps Tony Stark (Ironman) sent a secret message from Stark Industries about a secret meeting of S.H.I.E.L.D. (The Avengers). You can either email the invitations directly or burn the files onto CD’s and mail them as the invitations. In regards to providing the password…with this you get to have the most fun. You can either provide the password directly in your invitation envelope or email or you can make a puzzle out of it!

Using a square Tupperware or other kind of plastic container, you can make a great looking Tesseract to put in your punchbowl! The Tesseract was the glowing blue cube that contained the power that everyone was fighting over in The Avengers movie. Fill the container with a light blue punch (blue flavored water would also work) and freeze the whole container until the entire block is frozen through. This can now be put in your punch bowl! If you want to go absolutely crazy with this, try putting dropping in an inexpensive pond light (see the garden section of your local Home Depot) in the bottom of the punchbowl. Your punch will actually give off a bright light (of course, you would need to use a clear punchbowl for best results.)

Similar to the above, consider an all green punch for the Incredible Hulk. If you use a green pond light as mentioned, it now becomes his Gamma Radiation Punch!

If planning several activities and/or games, have each one represent a different member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, etc.) Explain to the kids that each member of the team is sending them on a ‘special’ mission. For added fun you can come up with come up with creative ways that the party guests will receive the ‘mission details.’ For example, one member can send them via a text message to someone’s phone, one can be a message inside the cake (write the message on paper and place it in a plastic baggie - push the baggie into the cake before you frost it), someone can receive a telephone call, etc.)

For a fun pre-party activity (something for the earlier party guest arrivals to do while they are waiting for everyone else to arrive), give each guest a piece of paper and some craft supplies (markers, crayons, etc.) and have them design their OWN Avengers team logo. This is a great activity to get everyone in a creative mindset before the party begins. At some point in the party, allow each guest who created a logo to explain their design and show it off!

Similar to the above, have each guest design their own Avengers lair. Have them detail where the Hulk would stay, where Thor’s quarters would be, etc. They can include training facilities, headquarters meeting room and any other aspect of the lair that they feel the Avengers would need if it were their actual base.

As the party host/hostess, dress all in black and where a black eye patch to represent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie.) He was the one who pulled the team together and as the host/hostess, it’s a great correlation to play. If you are having trouble finding a black eye patch, consider buying an inexpensive pirate eye patch and taking a Sharpie marker to it to fill in the white skull and crossbones that are usually found painted on them.

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Avengers Movie Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!

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