Bakugan Theme Party Supplies

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Bakugan Party Ideas
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  • Attach Bakugan cards to the balloons at your party. Give the balloons with cards to your departing guests.

  • Make your own Bakugan balls and cards. Pick up some styrofoam balls at your local craft store and provide lots of markers, paints, glue, glitter or any other items for the party guests to decorate their own Bakugan balls. Also provide 5" x 8" cards for them to create their own Bakugan card describing the character in the ball. These are great take-home gifts - and your guests did all the work (and had all the fun) for you!

  • Award individual Bakugan cards and/or characters for participating in different games and activities. You can give winners a few extra, or just give everyone who participates a card or character.

  • Have Bakugan party races! If you have a relatively large space, have your guests do somersault races across a room or the yard - like their Bakugan balls. The first one across the finish line wins!

  • Create a large hanging Bakugan ball for decoration. Cover cheap beach balls (dollar store) in paper mache and allow to dry. Paint and decorate your own Bakugan ball according to the guest of honor's favorite! These should be light enough to hang almost anywhere in your party area.

  • Try Baku-bacci ball! Bacci ball (also known as lawn bowling) is an easy game to learn, and the rolling balls are close enough to Bakugan, you can name each team and whomever gets closest to the smaller ball "wins the day!" This may be more appropriate for older children or a smaller party.

  • Bakugan pinata! Get a basketball or baseball pinata and spray-paint it the colors of a Bakugan ball. Or, if you are daring and have enough time, follow the instructions for the decoration ball above. Once the paper mache is completely dry, cut a hole in the ball to put candy and prizes inside. Tape the hole back on the pinata and now paint or decorate the ball. Or, for a simpler pinata - use a cardboard box and cover it with red and blue construction paper and then tape on color copies of Bakugan cards or characters. The possibilities are endless - the extra paper plates, napkins or table cloths could be used to decorate the pinata as well!



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